Further proof that we are entering a new era when people only make movies so they have an excuse to make viral videos: Less than a week after Channing Tatum spoofed Van Damme from the 22 Jump Street set, James Franco and Seth Rogen have filmed their own spoof from the set of their new movie The Interview. The opening titles explain that the stars “felt inspired to recreate their favorite new video.” Sure enough, what follows is a shockingly accurate recreation of Kanye West’s “Bound 2,” the video about how Kim Kardashian’s naked shoulders symbolize the apocalypse or something. If nothing else, it is definitely one of the twenty best movies James Franco has made this year. Watch below:

So many questions here. Franco and Rogen call their video “Bound 3,” so is it possible that this is all leading up to a grand finale in “Bound 4,” when James Franco and Kanye West have a motorcycle duel while Seth Rogen and Kim Kardashian have a Vamp-For-The-Camera duel? Will Kanye West like this video, or will he tweet against it, thus leading us down a long media-feud wormhole that culminates in Kanye West playing the Judge in James Franco’s Blood Meridian? Is there any chance that Kim Kardashian will watch “Bound 2” and — not quite understanding the concept of a “shot-for-shot remake” — wonder why nobody ever told her she has so much back hair?