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Warning: Major spoilers ahead! And we mean major. Family Guy‘s been on for 11 seasons and the Quahog crew’s been through their ups and downs. But if you don’t want to know which member of the family won’t be joining the Griffins for the holidays, stop reading now.

It’s sad but true — Brian, the Griffin’s astute dog, was hit by a car and died on Sunday’s episode. The bloody mess of hashtags on his little canine fluff was almost too much to take. And on top of it, Stewie’s time machine is busted so going back in time to save the mutt is off the table. And we have so many questions. Why, for starters? And how could the Griffins find a replacement dog so quickly? Will Vinnie fit in? Will Stewie recover from the loss of his constant companion?

To celebrate the life of Brian, the show’s created a tribute to the Griffins’ best friend. Check out some of Brian’s best moments below:

Did you shed a tear during Peter’s eulogy? Will Family Guy ever be the same without Brian? Share your thoughts on the shocking episode in comments below!

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