Before we delve into the new short film made to promote Justin Bieber’s latest fragrance, a few questions: Do you put on perfume before you nap? Do you wish your favorite pop star would slip into your room without permission? Are you impressed with pastry juggling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Key was made for you.

The artsy short film, directed by Peter Glanz, is all about Bieber’s new perfume, aptly title The Key. In the three-minute-plus clip, multiple models drift off to sleep only to dream that Bieber has creeped into their hotel rooms to fulfill their every fantasy — most of which involve running around cosmopolitan cities hand-in-hand or being fed macarons.

In a final twist (perfume ad spoiler alert!), it was actually the Biebs dreaming up these international dalliances. Let’s be honest: That makes a lot more sense than these Victoria’s Secret models wishing for nothing more than a Bieber B&E.

Watch The Key below: