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You need a Doctor? Good news: Doctor Who has some Doctors for you! The legendary time-tossed adventure series celebrates its 50th anniversary today with The Day of the Doctor, a Very Special Episode packed with Very Special Guest-Stars. Current Doctor Matt Smith will share the screen with his beloved predecessor David Tennant, who’s also bringing along Best-Companion-Ever Billie Piper. Not enough Doctors? The telefilm will also feature acting legend and alien-baby-daddy John Hurt as The War Doctor, a heretofore-unrevealed regeneration of the Time Lord.

Key information about Hurt’s character was revealed last week in a minisode, which featured the extremely unexpected reappearance of Paul McGann, who had only ever previously played the Doctor in a ’90s telefilm. Although showrunner Steven Moffat has mostly kept mum about Day of the Doctor, we know it will somehow deal with the Time War, the mysterious cross-temporal conflict which took place in the dead zone of Who history before the early ‘2000s reboot. We think we know that at least one more Doctor will appear, as revealed in this spoiler-y interview.

The show will simulcast around the world in a few hours, so feel free to talk about it in the comments; come back later today for EW‘s full write-up (UPDATE: Click here for the full Day of the Doctor recap!) In the meantime, here are seven things that might also happen, running the gamut from unlikely to nigh-impossible.

1. John Hurt regenerates into Christopher Eccleston. The Ninth Doctor was only around for one memorable season before departing the series. But the minisode firmly established that John Hurt’s character was the Doctor between Paul McGann and Eccleston. Wouldn’t it be nice if Day of the Doctor could knit the canon together once and for all, with an appearance by Eccleston? Moffat claims that Eccleston opted out of an appearance. But Moffat could be lying.

2. Every other living Who actor appears in the special. Tom Baker! Peter Davison! Colin Baker! Hey, you know what? Paul McGann was freaking awesome in that minisode! There is every possibility that, at some point in the special, the TARDIS will malfunction, giving Matt Smith the chance to high-five every other Doctor.

3. Somehow, Day of the Doctor figures out how to connect Peter Cushing to the canon. Cushing played a distinct variation on the character in two films in the ’60s. His Doctor wasn’t the Doctor — for one thing, he was actually called “Dr. Who” — and the Doctor Who series proper has generally ignored him. But maybe it will turn out that it was all taking place in an alternate universe? Maybe Peter Cushing is the older version of the Tennant Doctor-Clone last seen joining Rose Tyler in the alternate universe? Anything is possible! Paul McGann!

4. Amy Pond and her husband Rory make a cameo. The special is too packed already, right? They don’t have room for the other modern-day Best-Companion-Ever, do they? Do they? Paul McGann!

5. Peter Capaldi make a cameo. The Twelfth Doctor is slated to take over the franchise in the upcoming Christmas Special. But Steven Moffat loves playing with time. Heck, Day of the Doctor is set during the freaking Time War. A cameo by the future Doctor seems simultaneously unlikely and mandatory.

6. The Daleks say “Exterminaaaaate!” Actually, this will definitely happen.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock makes a cameo. And he has a cheekbone-polishing party with every living Doctor. And then George Lazenby appears, turns to the camera, says “This concludes the history of British imagination, thank you so much for watching,” and dances with Queen Elizabeth I and II on the set of Downton Abbey.

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