Credit: Frank W Ockenfels 3/E!

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Those housewives better make some room, because a much younger crowd is about to take over Beverly Hills. At least in reality TV terms.

Meet Dorothy, Morgan, Roxy, Brendan, and Jonny, aka, the #Richkids of Beverly Hills. They’re just like normal 25 year olds…oh who are we kidding? There isn’t anything normal about washing your hair with Dom Perignon or having a bar tab of over $10,000.

The show is loosely inspired by the popular Tumblr page “Rich Kids of Instagram“, where star Dorothy Wang was first discovered by casting directors. Now she and best friend Morgan Stewart are welcoming E! viewers into their ridiculously lavish and spoiled lifestyle. Dorothy’s family is worth billions, so she is happily ‘funemployed’ right now. Actually Brendan, Morgan’s boyfriend, is the only one with a legitimate full time job at a top real estate firm (sorry Morgan, blogging doesn’t count). Sure, Roxy is a freelance interior designer, but with her parents threatening to cut her off, she may need to find something a little more stable. Singer/songwriter and “boy crazy” Jonny rounds out the cast while other friends, including Magic Johnson’s son E.J., make appearances throughout the eight-episode season.

Check out this exclusive first look at #Richkids of Beverly Hills. The reality show premieres Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10 p.m. on E!

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills
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