John F Kennedy
Credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Getty Images

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy marks the passing of not only a leader but also an icon of popular culture.News organizations took a wide variety of approaches to pay tribute to his legacy. Below, some of the most unique and provocative ways outlets are looking back on that fateful day in 1963. pays tribute with a #thisdayinhistory photo of the President and First Lady Jackie Kennedy visiting Dallas.

Marie Claire tweets the photo of Jackie Kennedy with children Carolyn and John F. Kennedy Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy at the funeral.

The HISTORY network pays tribute recalling the tragic moments leading up to Kennedy’s death.

USA Today celebrates the life of Kennedy with a creative GIF.

Dallas Morning News pays tribute with a tweet of a mosaic image.

NASA commemorates JFK’s plan to send a man to the moon.

NPR live tweets the moments leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy.

Variety pays tribute to the 50th Anniversary posting a photo of the original issue with front page news headline “All Showbiz Mourns Kennedy.”

ABC7 commemorates the legacy of Kennedy with one of his profound quotes.