Australian comedian and ''Summer Heights High'' creator Chris Lilley is stepping back into the heels of Summer's sassy teen queen for ''Ja'mie: Private School Girl'' (debuting Nov. 24 on HBO)

On Why Ja’Mie Got Her Own Show
“I’ve always done whatever I was excited about, and she was the most exciting one at the time. She’s out of control. She’s just about to finish school, so it’s a really important time in her life.”

On Ja’Mie’s Horrible Behavior
“She’s racist and homophobic, but the joke’s on her. She’s this awful girl that the documentary’s trying to point out, ‘We all know these kinds of girls.'”

On Researching Teen Slang
“I interviewed a bunch of girls, and they were saying things I’d never heard of. One of them was ‘TITF — took it too far.’ Then I said it [to other girls], and they were like, ‘What the hell are you talking about?'”

On His Fans’ Favorite Characters
“Jonah or Nathan. People always ask me to do [their] voices, and I never do because it’s just so awkward.”

On Being Mistaken For A Real Girl
“[At first] people definitely thought she was real. I did a raunchy photo shoot as Ja’mie with a tight, wet school uniform. The comments were like, ‘She’s not even that hot! She looks like a man!'”

On His Favorite Ja’Mie One-Liner
“I like when she walks away from the lesbian boarders and says, ‘Enjoy checking out my ass as I walk away.’ It’s the most ridiculous thing to say. These poor girls are just not remotely interested in Ja’mie’s ass.”