Alec Baldwin has a propensity to use anitgay slurs when angered

It was quite a week for Alec Baldwin. After a noisy trial, his accused stalker, actress Geneviève Sabourin, 41, was sentenced to jail. Then Baldwin, 55, apparently called a photographer outside his Greenwich Village apartment a “c—sucking f-g.” The future of his MSNBC talk show was suddenly in doubt, and the man who’s always relished a good scrap with right-wing politicos is now defending himself against charges of homophobia from his own constituency. Baldwin has claimed that he called the guy a “c—sucking fathead,” but the tape on TMZ doesn’t help his case. Nor does the fact that, not long ago, he referred to another member of the media as a “toxic little queen.” Baldwin should be ashamed of himself, but labeling him “homophobic” is too easy. This is a man who was fighting for gay marriage before 2013 made it cool. Baldwin is the product of a culture where words like “that’s so gay” and other slurs get thrown around often, unchecked. But as someone who bills himself as an enlightened liberal, Baldwin should know better. And he should take this opportunity to share what he’s learned the hard way — that antigay slurs are as hateful and potent as any ethnic or racial slur. He might also consider anger-management classes. A calm and measured Alec Baldwin would surely disappoint the stalkerazzi, but his neighbors would love it.