Benjamin Deeds
Credit: Marvel

One of the newest members of the X-Men, Marvel’s mutant supergroup and long-running platform for various flavors of civil-rights allegory, came out of the closet in this week’s Uncanny X-Men #14. Although that makes it sound like a cosmic revelation, in fact Benjamin Deeds — a.k.a. Morph — rather casually mentions his homosexuality in conversation in the issue.

Gay characters are becoming more commonplace in superhero comic books. Just last year, occasional X-Man Northstar got married. And, as a representative for Marvel told the Huffington Post, the character’s sexual orientation is just “a small facet of who he is.” (Some context: he also has the power to alter his appearance, which will probably come up more frequently in supervillain fights than with who he shares his bed with.)

Still, the casualness of the whole event is a nice signpost for the advancement of gay characters in mainstream comic books. And it brings us as a culture one step closer to Andrew Garfield’s beautiful dream of an interracial bisexual superhero fantasia. So, progress.

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