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Updated November 21, 2013 at 05:01 AM EST
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She’s baaaaaaccck.

On tonight’s midseason finale of Revolution, not only did we have a death — bye, Cynthia — but a resurrection…sorta. In the episode, Neville discovered that his thought-to-be-dead wife, Julia (Kim Raver) was actually alive after spotting her while, of all places, boarding the train to Washington, D.C. Shocking? You bet. But also part of the plan all along, according to executive producer Eric Kripke. “We always knew from the beginning that we wanted the midseason twist in Neville’s story to be that Julia appears,” he says. “And, of course, we heard, much to our anxiety, that she was going to be going back to 24, but she was very gracious and had a window where she could work with us for multiple episodes.”

That’s right; the former Mrs. Neville is sticking around for a while. “She has a multi-episode arc and then, ultimately, she has to go back to 24. But her enthusiasm for Julia and her drive to make it work in her schedule to come back and play the character again was greatly appreciated,” he says.

So what comes next? Lots of planning and power play. “Well, what we love about Julia and what Kim has done with the character is that she kind of out Nevilles Neville,” he says. “She’s every bit of cunning and conniving as her husband, if not more so. So her arc is really going to be about the two of them strategizing to place themselves in the highest most powerful position possible.”

After all, explains Kripke, Neville’s entire reason for wanting to take down the Patriots was revenge for his wife’s death. But now that we know she’s very much alive, “she convinces him that instead they should grab as much power as they possibly can.” “It’s a really fun and wicked story because it’s these two anti-heroes really manipulating and murdering — in a palace intrigue kind of way — to climb as high up the ladder as they can,” he says. “We call them lovingly in the writers’ room The Macbeth Family.”

And, as seen in the episode, for the time being the two will continue to play their respective roles — Neville as Major and Julia as wife to a high-ranking Patriot officer. Yup, she remarried, but it’s a move Kripke defends. “She had to do what she had to do to survive,” he says. “She assumed Neville was dead, so she did what Julia does, which is seek out the most powerful person in the most immediate vicinity and latch on to them….Everyone has their own survival mechanism in this world and that’s hers.”

Speaking of survival, between Miles’s crazy life-threatening arm infection and Aaron’s out of control nanotechnology, the gang is in rough shape. But we’ll have to wait until the show’s January to see how they dig themselves out of these troubling situations. “You try to give people a lot to chew on before the holidays,” says Kripke, “so they hopefully come back in January.”

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