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Almost Human

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As a previous winner of Survivor, Aras Baskauskas knew he would be a target when he returned to play Blood vs. Water. But he didn’t see it coming when he was voted out of the tribe a few weeks back. And he certainly didn’t see being betrayed by one of his closest allies in the game — Gervase. Now that he has been eliminated from the game after losing the duel at Redemption Island, Aras called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) this morning to break down how, why, and where it all went wrong.

Does he still hold a grudge against Gervase? And does he agree with Vytas that it was his fault his brother also got voted out? Aras explains all, and reveals that even though he appeared to be at peace with his exit on TV, that his elimination was truly “gut wrenching.” It’s a candid and revealing chat that is must-listen material for any Survivor fan.

But instead of starving people on an island, we begin with a futuristic android, as Michael Ealy calls in to talk about his new Fox drama Almost Human, in which he plays a decommissioned robot named Dorian that is brought back into service. Ealy is fantastic in a role that requires him to play a computer that is programmed to have some levels of human emotion and expression in the new inter-species buddy cop series, and he explains his unique training for the role, which goes back to his days as a waiter trying to figure out if dining couples had had sex yet or not. (Seriously.)

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