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Updated November 21, 2013 at 06:26 PM EST

Catching Fire

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While impatiently awaiting the premiere of Trish Summerville’s Capitol Couture collection — oh yeah, and Catching Fire — there is no shortage of Hunger Games merchandise to peruse.

From girl on fire dresses to Mellark Bakery aprons, retailers alike peddling a cornucopia of official and unofficial clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.

But there’s plenty of crappy stuff that even shopping addict Effie Trinket wouldn’t buy.

Click through our gallery to see 10 of the worst Hunger Games-inspired products on the market.

Happy Hunger Games?

The Games aren’t exactly a festive event, so instead of buying this banner, why not pick up an “I Am The Danger” Breaking Bad-inspired pendant, the perfect decor item for a winter binge-watching party.

Hunger Hand Cuff

Forget Team Peeta and Team Gale, it’s all about Team Snow. Why not show your support for the misunderstood fascist dictator with this rose and Capitol seal bracelet? It is pretty, but isn’t the thought of wearing the emblem of an evil ruler (who doesn’t even have cool magical powers) a little disturbing?

Wrong Message T-Shirt

This Peace, Love, and Hunger Games T-shirt sends the wrong message about the themes of the story. If anything, War, Hate, and Hunger Games would be more appropriate.

Going Down in Flames

Sibling Rivalry

This “I Volunteer My Brother as Tribute” pin makes it clear that you’d sacrifice your brother to avoid having to compete in the Hunger Games yourself.

To the Victor…

The idea behind these Victor T-shirts is nothing new: hardcore Hunger Games fans identify with certain districts just as Harry Potter fans “sort” themselves into different houses. But unlike, the houses of Hogwarts, each victor from each district was forced to kill other children in order to survive the Games. Fun! (Not fun.) Plus, does anyone really care about non-essential district victors like “Female Morphling” and “Male Morphling”?

In Bad Taste

Eat like a pampered tribute in Capitol City with this “May the odds be ever in your flavor” flatware.

For Real/Not Real

Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I don’t find this “Real/Not Real” statement jewelry cute or romantic. It’s just a constant reminder of Peeta’s sad, tragic fate.

Something for the Kids

In the Hunger Games universe, the ritual slaughter of children by other children is considered entertainment for the masses. The sight of a kid wearing Hunger Games children’s apparel — especially clothing that celebrates “victors” — would make me more than a little uncomfortable.

What could be worse than Hunger Games children’s merchandise? Hunger Games infant apparel! Standouts include “The Odds are Never in our Favor” and Panem PCA bibs and burp cloths for the future peacekeeper in your life.

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