By Breia Brissey
November 20, 2013 at 07:15 PM EST

What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything (And Who You’re Not Officially Dating Anway), the eighth installment of The Bane Chronicles, became available yesterday. But what do you buy the Shadowhunter who has everything? At the risk of sounding too meta, may we suggest the audiobook version of the latest novella? Here us out: Jordan Gavaris, best known for playing Felix on Orphan Black, lends his narration skills to the ebook. And in the process, he joins the likes of Jesse Williams, David Oyelowo, and Michael Trevino—all of whom have narrated an installment from Magnus Bane-centric series. In this exclusive clip, listen to co-author Cassandra Clare and Gavaris chat about the story and dissect Magnus and Alec’s relationship. Then, check out an exclusive  excerpt from the audiobook.

What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything was co-authored by Sarah Rees Brennan, and is out now. The ninth installment arrives Dec. 17.