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A lot of credit must be given to Sandra Bullock and her performance in award hopeful Gravity as the Oscar winner spends the majority of the film on screen alone. In one of the most memorable moments toward the end of the film, Bullock’s character Dr. Ryan Stone believes she has made contact with Earth while floating in a Russian Soyuz capsule. However, the static radio reception is met on the other end by a man Stone realizes doesn’t speak English. Through her conversation, however, Stone has kind of a cathartic moment listening to a young child cry and howling like a dog. In the film, it appears Stone may be hallucinating a little as she is accepting her fate and letting go of fear.

Now, in a new short film, we can see what was on the other side of that distress call. Jonas Cuarón, the son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón, who also co-wrote the film with his father, has written and directed the companion piece called Aningaaq. Orto Ignatiussen plays the title character of Aningaaq, an Inuit fisherman in Greenland traveling with his dogs to a fjord. While Stone is desperate for a response and help, Aningaaq is distraught over his dying dog.

Warner Bros. is submitting Aningaaq for consideration in the live-action short film category for this years Oscars. If both Gravity and Aningaaq are nominated, it will be the first time a film and its spin-off are nominated in the same year.

Watch Aningaaq below:

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