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A Gladiator teases his backstory, scoop on Arrow’s “Bericity,” and Mindy promises nudity — all that and more in this week’s Spoiler Room.

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As last week’s episode of Scandal proved, just when you think we’ve learned everything there is to know about the characters on this show, yet another crazy secret about their past comes to light. And soon, teases Columbus Short, it’ll be Harrison’s turn when an upcoming episode teaches us just how this Gladiator earned his armor. “You’re going to see a different side of Harrison — a more edgy, dark, and very, very interesting side of Harrison,” he says. “I was talking to [executive producer] Betsy [Beers] about this, but how did he start buttoning his armor? Harrison never lets himself get worked up, and when he does, he kind of always pulls it back together. Why is that? What is it in him that he never let himself go Incredible Hulk? It’s because of something in his past. He lost it and made a mistake and did something he regretted in the past.”

And the challenge was one Short was more than up for, considering Harrison has been such an enigmatic character up until this season. “Where Harrison’s going is so special and so interesting,” he says. “I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Meanwhile, creator (and future author!) Shonda Rhimes and the writers are hard at work on the midseason closer, which she says will — as we probably expected — blow our minds. “What I love about how we’re gonna sort of close out 2013 with these characters is I feel like where we started at the beginning of the year and where we’re taking it by the end of 2013, they’re in such completely different places,” she says. “It’s so surprising in terms of all of them, really, and where they all end up by the end of the season. I feel like hopefully we’re gonna have another one of those moments where people are going to be saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe they’re going there.'”


If your heart broke for poor Felicity after Oliver and Isabel’s hook-up, you’re not alone! But rest assured, she’s not going to spend the next batch of episodes crying into a bucket of Häagen-Dazs. As it has been reported, Barry Allen, who debuts in the Dec. 4 episode, is going to be catching Felicity’s eye, and while loyal Olicity shippers might not be excited about that news, Andrew Kreisberg is confident they’ll win you over yet.

“I think that as many people are shipping Olicity, halfway through episode 8, there are going to be just as many people shipping Bericity,” he says. “They’re amazing together…we always know Grant [Gustin] was destined to be Barry, but once we saw him and Emily [Bett Rickards] together, it was even more clear because they’re just so good together.”

As for Oliver and Felicity, Kreisberg says they will remain on unsure ground. “I think they’re taking baby steps toward feeling each other out about the possibility of maybe one day that maybe something maybe could possibly maybe be something more than friends and co-vigilantes,” he said, laughing at his extra-cautious phrasing. “They’re as star-crossed, in a way, as Oliver and Laurel. But star-crossed is a good thing for a superhero. It means we need a lot more episodes to get to that.”

By the way, in case you missed it, check out Arrow’s new mask!


If this upcoming episode of The Mindy Project were a movie, it’d be called Jeremy Reed: Thin with a Vengeance. In the episode, which Mindy Kaling spoke to me about at a recent Fox event, Jeremy is once again his svelte self and intends to capitalize on it. “The tables turn on his and Adam Pally’s character, who’s kind of had it pretty easy in the first 11 episodes. So tides kind of shift and you get to see Jeremy regaining his mojo,” Kaling tells us. “So today, without revealing too much, he was tasked with having what can only be described as a ménage à trois.”

And that’s not the only raciness coming up, she says. “This week was the nudity week. We shot an episode where all the series regulars had to be naked. I’m naked…Chris Messina and I had to be naked,” she says. Wait. Record scratch. Mindy and Danny…naked? Together? “It was very farcical,” Kaling clarifies. “There’s an episode called ‘Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer,’ and we get to see each other more intimately.”

It’s all in the name of art, though, she says. “Chris has had to do a lot of that stuff; I mean, we all do. I had to do a naked shower last year. But I didn’t realize that for a network where you really can’t show a lot of nudity, we really push it as far as possible,” she says. The episodes are set to air in 2014.


Any McGee scoop? I don’t feel like he’s gotten enough to do on NCIS lately.– Jacinda

“He’s going to play a really big part after the holidays,” EP Gary Glasberg assures me. “And Delilah’s still around. He’s got his work cut out for him in some stuff coming up.” And speaking of the holidays, you won’t want to miss the Dec. 17 outing. It’s a nail-biting hour that will find the team trying to crack the case of a strange outbreak occurring within military families. “It’s an Abby-centric story. So it’s Abby and Carol [Meredith Eaton] and Palmer really focused in the lab to try to focus on what’s going on,” Glasberg teases. There’s also a “really, really loving” story involving Vance, who is celebrating his first Christmas without his wife. Tissues, please!

So I’m in love with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., especially the relationship between Skye and Agent Ward. Their chemistry is amazing. Are we going to see anything happen between them anytime soon? -Jillian

Well, if you saw Tuesday night’s episode, you know there’s a chance that Ward may have spent the evening with, ahem, another member of the team, and I’m guessing he and Melinda weren’t up all night braiding each other’s hair. Regardless of the complications that this possible Mayward hook-up could cause, Chloe Bennet says she’s on board for any and all Skyward action. “The chemistry is obviously there, and they’re terribly perfect for each other, is what I like to say,” she says. “They’re so opposite and so similar in the same way. They’re both kind of loners and they’re both kind of out for themselves, but they both have such big hearts and they both genuinely want the best — they just go about it in different ways. So yes, I definitely ship Skye and Ward!”

Any scoop on Ann’s exit from Parks? I’m getting more and more bummed as the weeks go by! — Karen

The episodes that follow will see Leslie dealing with Ann’s exit and Ben “realizing how hard it’s going to be to be all things” to Leslie, according to Amy Poehler. But don’t expect any new blood to come in her place anytime soon. In fact, Poehler scoffed at the idea. “No one will ever replace Ann and even suggesting it is disgusting,” she deadpanned.(LOVE HER!) “The relationship between Leslie and Ann is one of the prouder things I feel about the show because I feel, unfortunately, that there’s a lack of real female friendships on television that make any sense,” she added earnestly. “Leslie and Ann are true friends in a way you can understand, and I’m really proud of that friendship and how it’s grown over the years and how it’s, frankly, one of the many beating hearts on our show.”

Does Castle have a midseason cliffhanger? — Susan

I like to consider Monday night’s warning from 3XK a cliffhanger of sorts, but otherwise, there is no midseason cliffhanger. Personally, after the summer we had, I’m thankful for the break!

Do you know if Morgan is going to introduce Garcia to his girlfriend on Criminal Minds? He’s got to introduce her to his Baby Girl! — Kellie

“It’s way too early to tell,” says Shemar Moore. “So much could happen, and Derek is still work first, play second. So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Can you tell me anything else about the Ghost Killer on Bones? — Patty

Not sure what you mean by “else,” so let’s start from the top. As you may have heard, the “Ghost Killer” will kick into high gear in 2014 after the gang finds a link between a bunch of cold cases. In the first episode back in January, we will be “pointed in the direction” of the Ghost Killer, according to EP Stephen Nathan. “[The Ghost Killer] is a very ephemeral presence and sort of an evil that lurks in the shadows, someone whose identity we are not even sure of,” he says. He also warns, however, that the establishment of this new killer doesn’t mean we’re quite done with that other guy. “We also haven’t, let’s say, felt the end of Pelant,” he teases.

Hey Sandra! I heard about a Hodgins-centric episode coming up on Bones. I’m glad because it’s been a while. Any scoop on it? — Jenny

“Coming up” — not so much. You’ll have to wait until February for it. But it sounds like a goodie. Per Nathan: “Hodgins finds out…some secrets about that family that are going to be quite surprising to him. And it is not going to be grand political secrets or anything like that. It’s going to be very, very personal.”

I’m digging the Tomorrow People, but hoping they let Cara and John stick together. I like them together better than Cara and Stephen. Any idea where they’re headed? — Ryleigh

Well, according to Robbie Amell, Wednesday night’s episode is going to shine a light more on the relationship that Stephen shares with Astrid more than anything between his character and Cara. “You find out a lot about their relationship and how they feel toward each other in episode 7,” he teases. “Talking about it, a lot of stuff happens in episode 7.” That said, he says he can’t deny that “there is something deeper than either of them know. There’s some sort of bond between the two of them that neither of them can explain, so there’s definitely a relationship there,” he says. “But at the same time, Cara is with John, no matter how many problems they have in their relationship.”

I missed The Blacklist this week. So can you get me through this show-less week with a little scoopage? — Liliana

I hear there’s a two-part story coming up soon. According to Diego Klattenhoff, who plays Agent Ressler, “Episodes 9 and 10 are going to be big. We’re definitely going to have a big episode.” In fact, he says, “I would say it’s our best episode of the season so far.” Let’s just say this: I hear the episode involves Red in the hands of someone who isn’t very happy with him. But how does Red get kidnapped while he’s being tracked? Well, that gets, gulp, dealt with.

HOLY TWIST, Sleepy Hollow!! The whole Headless Horseman twist was just awesome. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Please give me some scoopage! — Amy

According to Mark Goffman, if you want to be shocked, just wait until the season finale. “The best I can say is it’s going to be epic,” he says. “[It’s] a pretty spectacular finish, which is going to leave all of our characters in a very precarious place.”

I know you can’t say A LOT about The Mentalist. But you gotta give me something on the Red John ep! — Tyler

The EPs were not joking when they promised closure. You definitely get that. But, in perfect Mentalist form, the episode still ends with quite the big question mark. And the award for vaguest scoop goes to…

(Samantha Highfill and Hillary Busis contributed to this column.)

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