BLOOD LINES Author Thomas Pynchon's latest novel takes a cue from contemporary topics such as the world wide web

The winners of the National Book Awards will be announced tonight at a ceremony that will be streamed live here starting at 6 p.m. ET. In other books news, Brooke Shields will be writing a book, while a debut novelist has landed a staggering book deal for her novel about witches. Read on for more of today’s top headlines:

Speaking of the National Book Awards, Thomas Pynchon, whose novel Bleeding Edge is nominated for the fiction prize, is rumored (not surprisingly) to not make an appearance at tonight’s ceremony. [New York Times]

And to refresh your memory about the finalists, revisit some of their pieces for The New Yorker in this slideshow. [The New Yorker]

Actress Brooke Shields will be publishing a book about mother-daughter relationships with Dutton. [LA Times]

More awards news: The Everything Store, the book about retail behemoth Amazon by Brad Stone, has been named the Business Book of the Year. [Publishers Weekly]

Mexican political journalist and novelist Elena Poniatowska has won the Cervantes Prize, the most prestigious Spanish language literary award that’s also worth €125,000. [Washington Post]

Debut novelist Sally Green landed a £1 million book deal for Half Bad, a book about witches. [The Telegraph]

And lastly, children’s book author Charlotte Zolotow died Tuesday at age 98. [New York Times]

On to the must-reads: Hunger Games mastermind Suzanne Collins gave a rare, five-part interview to Time magazine about her series and the second film adaptation. [TIME]

Janet Evanovich answers five burning questions about her latest novel, how she comes up with titles, and what Stephanie Plum would do for Thanksgiving. [USA Today]

At last! Mathematician Ben Blatt has figured out a strategy to find Waldo. [Slate]

Finally, ICYMI: Demi Lovato talked to EW about writing her new book Staying Strong and the struggles she experienced in her career. [EW]