By Pamela Gocobachi
Updated November 20, 2013 at 12:53 PM EST

Katy Perry has a new clip for her Prism power ballad “Unconditionally.”

The music video finds a vulnerable looking Perry swept up amidst a slew of dancers waltzing both in the snow and in a grandiose ballroom.

The pop star told MTV that the concept for the video is a bit of a departure for her: “It doesn’t have a complete narrative. I do that all the time; I usually have quite a big story line…. This time I wanted to give a lot of gorgeous, beautiful looks, which I don’t usually go for,” said Perry “But it’s mostly just a beautiful video that is supposed to evoke this power of love.”

“Unconditionally” is the second single off of Perry’s third studio album, Prism. The star officially debuted the track when she performed it live at this year’s EMAs — and it wouldn’t be entirely suprising to see her perform it live again on Nov. 24 when she opens the American Music Awards.