Walking Dead Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont says he refuses to watch the mega-rated drama that he launched three years ago.

Asked by Entertainment Weekly if he still watches The Walking Dead, the series’ former showrunner replied, “No more than I would go to the wedding of somebody who broke my heart and left me for the Pilates instructor. One does become very emotionally attached to the things that one does. I get tremendously invested. Why would I do that? Absolutely not, I won’t.”

Darabont was pushed out during production of The Walking Dead‘s second season and replaced by Glen Mazzara (who in turn was recently replaced by Scott Gimple). Darabont set to launch his new TNT period crime drama Mob City on Dec. 4. For the new series, Darabont hired fellow The Walking Dead refugees Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey DeMunn to help round out a cast of cops and gangsters vying for control of Los Angeles.

The Shawshank Redemption director confessed to being a bit “gun shy” about returning to TV, but says he isn’t out to prove he can pull the same trick twice. “[TNT chief] Michael Wright has a tremendous reputation for running a filmmaker-friendly ship and did a lot to set my mind at ease. He made it known it would be a friendly and more supportive place. I’m certainly proud of what we accomplished, but not like I’m out to prove anything here. Whether doing a rewrote or directing a script, I just find the next thing I can be the most excited about and walk down that path and take that job. Why not jump back on? I’m certainly not going to compare it to the success of The Walking Dead.”

That said, Darabont’s Mob City star Bernthal still watches his old show. “Sure, I’ll always watch The Walking Dead,” he says. “I mean as far as I’m concerned, the people that are on the ground that make that show, the people in Georgia who make that show, the cast and the crew and the producers that are there, they will always be family to me and I will always support them.”