By Jodi Walker
Updated November 19, 2013 at 05:05 PM EST

What had you done by the time you were 22? Anjelica Huston had lived in Ireland, England, and New York, practiced falconry on castle lawns with her famous family, and become an “it girl” model. In the first volume of her memoir, A Story Lately Told, Huston shares memories from the unique point of view of a Wes-Anderson-like childhood come to life, as EW described in its review of the memoir.

In the interview below, Huston describes some of her favorite stories with “Dad” from A Story Lately Told and the unique experience of recording an audiobook. Most importantly, she uses the word “chicanery”:

Huston also shared an exclusive six-minute excerpt from her audiobook with EW. Listen below as Huston recounts very earliest moments of her life and her legendary, eccentric father, director John Huston:

A Story Lately Told is available now in print and audiobook.