By Jodi Walker
Updated November 18, 2013 at 05:12 PM EST
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The time is upon us. The moment we’ve been eagerly awaiting since 2011: Nick Lachey is back hosting the fourth season of cult-favorite, The Sing-Off, and we can only hope he’ll be wearing more jewel toned dress shirts than ever before!

Though short, the exclusive trailer below has everything you’ve been missing from your non-instrumental singing competition shows: Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” a Jennifer Hudson look-alike and a couple of good ole boys dropping the butt-rattling bass on “Life Is a Highway.” But all is not as it once was in a capella land. Now that The Sing-Off is officially “from the producers of The Voice” (which, oddly enough, premiered a year and a half after The Sing-Off) it seems like the charms of its previously, lesser-NBC-show quality might be returning with a fresh new glaze. And, of course, new judge, Jewel (Sara Bareilles, miss you, girl).

The best aspects of the show are still alive and well; now the kitschy matching group outfits just come with the judges in front of a fancy backdrop and a heaping dose of almost-Voice-quality graphics. But the real question is, do their chairs spin? Hopefully not. I don’t know that Ben Folds could ever recover from the giggle fit that might induce.

Check out the trailer for season four of The Sing-Off, premiering December 9th at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, and get excited for the second coming of Pentatonix (and a lot of other good groups, but come on, Pentatonix):

The Sing Off

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