Russell Brand
Credit: rustyrockets/Twitter

In a flurry of exasperated tweets sent yesterday evening, comedian Russell Brand said he was denied entry into South Africa, forcing him to cancel four shows of his Messiah Complex tour scheduled to be performed in Johannesburg.

“Banned from South Africa. Here ready to go. Refused entry. Hope I can come soon,” he wrote on Twitter. According to a rep for the star, he was not allowed entry into the country because he lacked the required two blank pages in his passport.

The star has a storied history of immigration problems. In 2008, he was held at JFK Airport in New York, forcing him to miss an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. In 2011, he was denied entry into Canada, which prompted him to tweet, “We must abolish the borders between out nations AND our minds.” He was also once deported from Japan while visiting then wife Katy Perry.