Memorable lines from ''Scandal,'' ''The Big Bang Theory,'' and more

“All the time. By lunch on the first day, five kids are dead to me.” —Annie (Betsy Brandt), on whether she would ever give up on one of her students, on The Michael J. Fox Show

“You have some nerve, standing there with your sparkly bedroom eyes and your cute floppy hair.” —Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb), to Sebastian (Austin Butler), on The Carrie Diaries

“I have so many questions I want to ask you, but I’m afraid you’ll kill my friends if I do.” —Olivia (Kerry Washington), begging her father (Joe Morton) for answers about her mother’s death, on Scandal

“I’m not a commitment-phobe. I just don’t do it as often as you.” —Jordan (Nia Long), to repeat divorcée Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), in The Best Man Holiday

“London! That’s a three-month voyage by sea!” —Ichabod (Tom Mison), learning that the manuscript he needs is in a museum in England, on Sleepy Hollow

“I’ve been informed that he’s now Bill Nye the Restraining Order Guy.” —Sheldon (Jim Parsons), about guest star Bill Nye, on The Big Bang Theory

“i think back to my last birthday; it fell in the middle of exam revision but a bunch of my friends came over anyway to eat cake and ruffle my hair and talk about pokemon. weirdos.” —Lorde, musing about her 17th birthday in a blog post

“I gotta say, if someone in music today was gonna be caught naked, licking a hammer, I think we all thought it’d be Blake Shelton.” —Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards

“Before Katy versus Gaga, it was Jackie versus Marilyn, Betty versus Veronica, Mary Todd Lincoln versus Martha Washington.” —Sue (Jane Lynch) on Glee