We have good news if you are a fan of Survivor‘s current Blood vs. Water season that features returning players competing with/against loved ones: There’s more to come. That’s according to Survivor host Jeff Probst, who called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to chat about the longtime reality hit. And now you can hear the entire conversation right here and right now on the InsideTV Podcast.

When I asked Probst if this Blood vs. Water idea was one we might see again at some point, he wasted no time affirming that this concept will not be a one season and done outing. However, according to Probst, when they do bring it back, there could be a few changes. “Definitely somewhere down the line,” Probst said about another loved ones season. “We’re experimenting now with some casting ideas of how we can do it again and what’s the next version of it. Do you need returning players, or could you bring fresh couples? So we’re looking at all kinds of ideas.”

Bringing back completely new pairs of loved ones could be more difficult for the show because it would be harder for the audience to remember who is whose partner (as opposed to the way it is now, where half of the players are already familiar to us). However, as we have seen over 27 seasons, the show has never been shy about trying out new wrinkles or modifications, so anything is possible, and I’d say it’s a good bet that either season 29 or 30 — which will both shoot next year — will feature the Blood vs. Water theme. (Season 28, which will air in the spring, already wrapped filming over the summer.)

That’s not all Probst talked about. He also named the players who have impressed him the most this season, and discussed his reaction to the recent typhoon that devastated the country where he spent eight months over the past two years, telling us about another huge storm that almost hit them while they were in the middle of filming. You can listen to the whole chat by clicking on the audio player below.

But that’s not all! Elizabeth Berkley and partner Val Chmerkovskiy two-stepped into the EW Radio studios to discuss their shocking exit on Dancing With The Stars. Of course, this being Elizabeth Berkley, you know we also had to ask her all about Showgirls and Saved By the Bell. So we did! And you can hear it on the podcast!

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