Your enthusiasm for our Reunions issue and compliments on our digital content

November 15, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

They Belong Together
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Imagine my delight in finding out that Mystic Pizza, my all-time favorite movie, was part of your Reunions issue. I have loved this movie for over 20 years and watch it every chance I get.
Debra English
Hubbard, Ohio

I loved your 2013 Reunions issue. After I saw the X-Files piece, it occurred to me, isn’t it time you do a Twin Peaks cast reunion? It would make this Peaks Freak happier than Agent Cooper with a cup of coffee black as midnight on a moonless night!
Sonja Jarosek Cooper
Livermore, Calif.

It was great hearing from the School of Rock kids, but really, EW? Asking all the boys about their favorite Jack Black memory, and asking the girls about their on-set crushes? I’m not opposed to the question itself, but I think it is a terrible way to present it: The boys got to reflect on their interactions with this Big Man in the business, while the girls talked about which boys they liked, or who liked them. Maybe you asked all the kids both questions, but it is strange that the printed answers were split down gender lines.
Shelbi Hostler
Belmont, Mass.

You have made this Ozian very happy! Thank you for including Wicked in your fantastic Reunions package. I loved reading about the beginnings from the people who came up with such a great show. And what a perfect way to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
Heidi Reid
Murrieta, Calif.

Thank you for the amazing X-Files reunion pictures and article! Seeing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on your cover makes me nostalgic for the show…and keeps my hopes up for another movie! Love these two.
Jennie Mayer
Waltham, Mass.

Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner still exude chemistry, style, and charm. It’s nice to see the spark is still there after all these years. Hart to Hart couldn’t be duplicated today because of the need for “angst” on TV. It would have destroyed the show — a fun, sexy, rich couple travel the world and solve a few mysteries along the way. No angst required.
Carolyn Sievert
Plano, Tex.

Thanks so much for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunion coverage! The actresses’ chemistry and genuine love for each other made those lovely little books into lovely little movies.
Sarah Palm
Carbondale, Ill.

A Pad on the Back
I usually find myself getting lost in iPad magazine editions. Having no sense of direction while clicking through, I’m often left feeling like I’ve missed things. EW’s navigation is simple; when I make a left turn somewhere while reading, it’s easy to get back to the main road. I also enjoy all the extra digital content.
Scott Sapienza
San Francisco

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