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Updated November 15, 2013 at 09:08 PM EST

Cookie Dance

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Do you know the cookie dance? And no, it’s not a dance you do to summon cookies, but rather one you do to celebrate them. Rapper Chip Chocolate (real name: Jesse Wellens) created his first song, “Cookie Dance,” out of nothing but a young boy’s pure love of the delectable dessert. And now that Chip Chocolate’s first music video has more than a million views, the cookie dance is no longer just a childhood dream.

We caught up with Chip Chocolate to find out about his inspiration, career goals, and if he was really sitting in a tub of milk:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When was the cookie dance originally created?

CHIP CHOCOLATE: The cookie dance was originally created from Chip Chocolate, since he was a kid he was doing the cookie dance. He always loved cookies.

When did you actually make the video?

The video was shot Sept. 28.

And now it has more than a million views. Did you expect this kind of response?

Sorta, yeah. I knew that this was going to be cool for everybody. I felt like the cookie dance, the message, and everything about it was all geared towards every demographic that watches internet videos, and I just thought everyone could share the cookie dance. I think the hip-hop game needs the cookie dance right now.

What came first: The name Chip Chocolate or the song?

They came about the same time.

Is this your first track?

Yes, this is Chip Chocolate’s very first song ever.

Where did the idea for “Cookie Dance” originate?

The idea originated because I love cookies so much, and I just feel like, cookies are so delicious. When I eat a cookie, it makes me want to dance, cause I’m so happy that I’m enjoying a cookie. So I figured you could burn some calories and enjoy a cookie at the same time. So it’s like a wash when you eat one.

Did you write the song?

I did. Chip Chocolate wrote the song. My friends actually from Philadelphia helped produce the song, like professionals. It’s a bunch of our friends who came together. We created the whole video and song.

What is Chip Chocolate’s career goal? What’s next?

Chip Chocolate’s career goal is just to see how many people in the world he can get to enjoy the cookie dance together. Could this be the next “Gangnam Style?” Could everyone enjoy the cookie dance? The goal of “Cookie Dance” is to try and get children and their parents to both get involved, something they can share together. It’s something in the kitchen they can do together. I don’t think you can do this with a lot of hip-hop songs now on main stream music, where kids and adults can all get down together.

Were you really in a tub full of milk?

Yes, that was 2 percent.

How many gallons?

I don’t know. We didn’t waste it. It wasn’t all straight milk. It was powdered milk too. It’s good for your skin.

Would Chip Chocolate ever work with the cookie monster?

I think Chip Chocolate and the Cookie Monster need to have an epic rap battle.

What is your favorite type of cookie?

It usually switches up every week. I’m just feeling like a traditional chocolate chip cookie right now, with real big chunks of chocolate chips.

Do you enjoy other desserts? Are you a cake man, or are you strictly cookies?

I like all desserts, but definitely cookies are the number one.

Apart from Chip Chocolate, are there other personas you want to explore in the future, or is this your game plan for now?

I think I’m going to be in the cookie game for a little while now. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I wasn’t anticipating this many people to watch the video right away, but it’s awesome that I can share the cookie love with everybody in the world. I think the song is real big in Sweden right now. It was number one in Sweden for a while. When they dropped the song it was number one on the hip-hop charts in Sweden for at least a week or two. Canada, when we dropped the song, it beat a lot of Drake’s album in Canada. So people are enjoying cookies more in Canada than they are Drake, which is pretty cool. We didn’t anticipate it doing that on iTunes charts. We didn’t know.

Would you consider making an album?

I don’t know if there could be a whole Chip Chocolate “Cookie Dance” album. Maybe there could be a love song, Chip Chocolate has to decide between his girl and cookies. Maybe there’s a love song there. I just want to share the cookie love with everybody. That’s pretty much it.

In case you missed it, watch Chip Chocolate’s music video for “Cookie Dance” below:

Cookie Dance

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