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A side of vegetables is all you’ll need for some early Christmas cheer.

Singing vegetables, that is. VeggieTales stars Larry the cucumber and Bob the tomato in sketch-like episodes that riff on pop culture and often borrow from biblical tales. For their special holiday movie Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas — already out on DVD — the jolly veggies learn lessons in generosity and kindness while working at the mall. Larry plays the head elf who takes Christmas wishes from kids, while Bob plays a frenzied mall employee. “We thought it’d be great to do a modern-setting Christmas story with a lot of the landmarks kids are familiar with,” Mike Nawrocki, co-founder of VeggieTales (and voice of Larry), tells EW.

The holiday movie also features a celebrity vegetable guest: Duck Dynasty‘s Si Robertson. Nawrocki and the VeggieTales team are big fans of the show and thought the wisecracking uncle would make a perfect narrator — appearing as an okra, of course. “A southern vegetable seemed appropriate,” says Nawrocki. “It was fun modelling his character and trying to figure out how to make an okra look like Si. But I think he’s a dead ringer.”

VeggieTales, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, often include music videos called “silly songs.” The silly song for their holiday movie features Larry getting tangled up in well-meaning holiday preparations. “The idea,” Nawrocki explains, “is that Larry accidentally wraps himself up while he’s wrapping Christmas presents and gets stuck under the tree, where Bob discovers him.”

Watch Larry the cucumber get all wrapped up in the holiday spirit below:

Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas is out on DVD now.

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