By Hillary Busis
Updated November 14, 2013 at 03:00 PM EST

Gather ’round, designers and wannabes alike: Tim Gunn’s on a mission to make math fashionable.

Scholastic is launching a new webseries that explores the problem-solving skills that are essential for careers in several hot fields. In its first episode, the series — titled Math@Work — features Gunn and three aspiring designers (Drew, Jessalyn, and Robin, aged 14-18), who work with the style guru to create their own original pieces.

And where, exactly, does the math come in? Here’s how Gunn explains it at the beginning of the show’s first episode: “Math is, well, everywhere. It’s not just in school or at work, it’s in life, every day. From shopping to sports, from cooking to crafting, from managing your time to managing your money, it helps you connect to the things you love to do. No matter what cool job you choose to pursue, math will be there to support you, give you confidence, and help you be successful.”

Watch Gunn put his money where his mouth is in this first clip from Math@Work, filmed at Diane Von Furstenberg’s studio in New York City. Kind of makes you want to break out the old ruler, doesn’t it?

The series premieres today; find the first full episode at