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November 14, 2013 at 06:20 PM EST

With T-Bone Burnett leaving Nashville, there has been a lot of talk recently about how the show is walking a fine line between being an insider look at the music industry and being a soap opera. Personally, I would say the show is a good 70 percent music, 30 percent soap, or at least 60-40. In general, I feel like it isn’t too over-the-top, but it does have its moments — See: Peggy’s fake pregnancy, Rayna and Deacon’s car accident, Juliette’s mother’s death (though that sort of worked for me), and almost everything that includes Rayna’s father.

However, when it comes to being really shocking, there are a few surefire ways a show can catch an audience off-guard, including a car accident and/or sudden death. But my favorite way to get a good gasp out of your viewers — just ask The O.C. — is the unexpected girl-on-girl lip-lock. It was even surprising back when Marissa and Alex did it on the beach, and The O.C. never even tried to hide the fact that it was a modern-day soap opera. I didn’t expect it then, and I certainly did not expect it now.

Let me catch you up if you missed last night’s episode: As the hour winds down, Deacon is having what is probably the world’s sweetest father-daughter catch-up session with Maddie. He’s all “Don’t grow up too fast, because I just got here,” and I’m crying on my couch. Cut to Juliette’s hotel room, where Olivia comes knockin’. She knows that Juliette is sleeping with her (smokin’ hot) husband. I’ll let Olivia tell it: “I know you’re sleeping with my husband. But what I don’t understand is why you’re not sleeping with me.” And then she kisses Juliette. Like hands-on-the-face, I-want-you-now kisses Juliette. So now, I’m sitting on my couch wiping tears from my eyes, furrowing my brow, and yelling, “Really?!”

I appreciate that we won’t have to watch a jealous snobby wife blackmail Juliette, but I also don’t want to watch a jealous snobby wife pine after/sexually assault Juliette. You want Juliette to have an affair with a married man? It’s a little dramatic, but it’ll work. You want that man’s wife to respond by kissing the heretofore straight Juliette? Perhaps you should’ve stopped while you were ahead.

Part of me really wants Juliette to just go for it with Olivia and make this ridiculous situation a little fun, and the other part of me wants it all to just go away (but keep the hot husband, please). So I turn it to you guys, PopWatchers. Did last night’s big twist hook you in or lose you completely?

Legendary music icon Rayna Jaymes struggles to maintain her place in the spotlight while dealing with the ambitious rising pop vixen Juliette Barnes.
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