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A deck of designer bridge playing cards, monogrammed silk pajamas, and a membership to an artisanal organic cheese club — these are a few of Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite things, at least according to the actress/lifestyle guru’s annual Goop Gift Guide.

“Usually by this point in the year, I am well organized, Christmas cards are ready to go, I’ve got a good jump on the gifts. Not this year. I am overwhelmed and a disaster,” Paltrow admits in her introductory editor’s note. Luckily, the arbiters of style at GOOP pulled together a list of things they knew Gwyneth would love. (Paltrow even outsourced some of the work to kids Apple and Moses, who contributed their own lists of holiday must haves.)

Considering that the site has peddled everything from a $795 iPad case to a designer bikini for kids, the items featured on GOOP’s holiday gift list are surprisingly affordable, though you can be sure there are more than a few options for the shopper who can afford to give gifts like a bespoke monogrammed football or a $5,800 set of kitchen tools.

Read on for a sampling of Gwyneth’s favorite things.

Among the monogrammed offerings are diamond name necklace charms from jewelry designer Jennifer Creel ($900-$4,500), a limited-edition Clare Vivier for Goop clutch ($260), and “signed and personalized” copies of Paltrow’s cookbooks ($55 each).

For the foodie in your family there’s a hand cranked espresso machine ($170), “statement wine” — did the GOOP team borrow this one from Oprah’s list? — and a gluten-free snack of the month club membership ($18.97 a month).

There are two categories for the little ones — a selection of “Unplugged” games and toys (A slingshot? Really?) and “Kids’ Choice,” which includes actual recommendations from GOOP’s “panel of young sophisticates.” Wondering what to get Paltrow’s kids for Christmas? GOOP has you covered. Paltrow’s 9-year-old daughter Apple says she wants an iPod 5, a Lifeproof case for said iPod 5 — “so I can take it underwater” — and a Kipling rolley backpack, while 7-year-old Moses is hoping for the Skylanders SWAP Force video game, an acoustic guitar, a hamster, and a rainbow loom so he can make those rubber band bracelets that are so popular with the kids these days.

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