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Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with a very ominous shot of the Governor — who had been MIA since he drove off after killing a bunch of his own in the season 3 finale — staring out at Rick, Carl, and the prison. Star David Morrissey, who plays the Governor, spoke to us about what to expect this coming Sunday as we begin to learn what the dastardly villain has been up to since his murderous rampage. Showrunner Scott Gimple also weighed in on what is to come. And now we get an actual look at the episode with these exclusive photos of the Governor. (Click through all three pages to see all the photos.)

As for this first shot, it appears the Governor has gone camping! Well, where else is he supposed to sleep after making himself persona non grata in Woodbury? Although, then again, there’s not exactly anyone left in Woodbury to keep him out since they all hightailed it to the prison to go catch a nasty virus. He certainly does look extremely pensive here, which I suppose is to be expected after he opened fire on the very same people he professed to want to protect with every fiber of his being. This fits in with what David Morrissey told us about the man having to come to terms with his actions and decide just what kind of person he wants to be. Now, let’s move on to photo number two…

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Is it just me, or is the Governor looking a little worse for the wear? First off, his hair is an absolute disaster. What exactly is going on with that? I realize salons are not exactly popping up on every corner in the zombie apocalypse, but at least make an effort, man! Show a little pride! Also, does it seem as if he has lost some weight, like in a kind of sickly way? All in all — from the bloody hands to the gunk on his shirt — the man appears to have fallen on hard times. Now, let’s take a peek at photo number three…

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Okay, well, clearly this is a bit similar to photo number two, but I do have to say, he looks a bit better in profile. DAMN YOU AND YOUR HANDSOMENESS, DAVID MORRISSEY! However, everything we are seeing here — from his countenance to his clothes to that blood — leads me to believe that the Governor is not doing so hot, at least in terms of these photos. How low will he go? And will he get his evil mojo back before encountering Rick and the prison gang? We’ll begin to find out on Sunday.

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