By Dalton Ross
Updated November 13, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

There were two Tribal Councils on tonight’s episode of Survivor, yet because the show was restocking Redemption Island, that meant nobody was actually eliminated when all was said and done. My full recap will be up at midnight (UPDATE: Dalton’s full Survivor recap is live), but if you want to know the particulars or sound off on what happened, read on for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on if only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.]

The first of the evening’s two immunity challenges was an old fashioned disgusting food eating contest. Gervase — who was the worst out of everybody when he took part in the first iteration back in season 1 — redeemed himself well here, making it all the way to the finals where he was forced to eat the exact same local delicacy that was his undoing the first time he played: grubs. Alas, in the end, he was bested yet again: this time by Monica, who celebrated her victory by throwing herself on Jeff Probst.

Vytas then became the second straight Baskauskas to be voted off the tribe, and he went down swinging on his way to Redemption Island where he was reunited with his younger brother, Aras. More shocking than Vytas being voted off was the fact that we did not hear him say the word “trust” one single time this entire episode.

The next immunity challenge was a stacking challenge, as the players had to hold a sword upside down while placing as many coins as possible on the handle until they fell down. And yes, it was as unexciting as I just made it sound. This time, Katie emerged victorious with immunity.

Although there was some classic Survivor misdirection that Monica might get the boot at the second Tribal Council, it was predictably Tina that got her walking papers…or parchment, as it were. The season 2 winner will now compete against the Baskauskas brothers next week, with the last place finisher truly eliminated from the game for good.

My full recap will be up at midnight, but you can sound off right here, right now. Even with two Tribal Councils, is it kind of a bummer to have an episode where nobody is eliminated? Can anyone stop Tyson? And whom are you rooting for — or against — at Tribal Council? Hit the message boards, and make sure to check out pre-game interviews with Tina/Katie & Aras/Vytas in the video player below.