Credit: Nickelodeon

UPDATE: According to a Facebook post from Nick Reboot, the website’s owner has cited a recent rise in publicity as the reason he’s decided to shut the site down completely. He explained that “this amount of publicity will almost certainly force Viacom to come to a legal decision about us … I am absolutely horrified of what that might mean for myself, my loved ones, and for anyone else who was involved.”

“Do do do do do do do do do do do …” Oh, sorry. Didn’t realize I was doing that out loud typing that. What was I singing writing, you ask? Just the theme song for Doug. I know what you’re thinking. Why would that theme song be stuck in my head in 2013? Funny you should ask.

Welcome, nostaglic people of ‘Merica, to Nick Reboot, the website that offers a 24/7 live-stream of ’90s and early 2000s Nickelodeon shows (and commercials!). It’s a magical place in which I just watched a promo for an upcoming episode of CatDog as well as a commercial for Hot Wheels. Still don’t believe me? Because I just heard this direct quote from an episode of My Fairly Odd Parents: “Chew on your butt. Not my friend.” I couldn’t have made that up even if I tried.

Nick Reboot is full of all the things that will make you yearn for your childhood. Rugrats? Check. Rocket Power? Woogity, woogity, woogity. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Yep, you probably still are. Not to mention all those shows you forgot even existed: The Wild Thornberrys, Finders Keepers, and Animorphs. And finally, the classics: Clarissa Explains It All, Inspector Gadget, Looney Toons, and the list goes on.

This feels a little too good to be true, so here’s my plan: I’m going to sit here and watch every moment until I see Face. Only then will it feel real to me. Wait, I just saw a commercial for Winnie the Pooh clip-ons in McDonald’s Happy Meals! Please don’t make me watch this alone.