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The Voice - Season 14

Top 12 contestant on The Voice Josh Logan was one of two artists eliminated on Tuesday’s show, the first episode to feature the Twitter ‘instant save.’ But when EW spoke with him today on the phone, Logan was in high spirits and optimistic for his post-show prospects. “I was fine last night and I’m fine today,” Logan said. “It’s definitely a bittersweet thing, but I lost, you know, at least to another talented person.” Logan and glam-rock singer Kat Robichaud were in the bottom two. Robichaud garnered the most Twitter votes to remain in the competition. “I’m just looking forward to starting with what’s next and really trying to kick some ass in the future,” he said. After the elimination episode, the next day was a whirlwind of press and even reliving Monday’s performance episode all over again. His coach Christina Aguilera had chosen Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” for him to sing, and Logan found him singing it again Wednesday afternoon on Access Hollywood. “The song that sent me home,” he laughs.

Tuesday’s show was also significant for the debut of the Twitter ‘instant save,’ in which viewers watching the live broadcast had just five minutes to send a tweet to save one of the bottom three singers. Most of the five minute window occurred during a commercial break, but for the singers left waiting for their fates, Logan says “It was mass confusion. I mean they’re giving us the phones so we can you know tweet out to say you know, #VoiceSave … I was just like well you know, if people want to save me, they’re gonna save me. I at least re-tweeted one thing real quick and was hoping for the best,” he said. “I think that it’s a cool thing, it’s a cool gimmick for the show, but I think it needs to be refined a little bit — I’m not sure — but either way you know, kudos to Kat.” If you were watching from the Eastern and Central time zones, host Carson Daly’s announcement that Kat Robichaud had won the ‘instant save,’ was drawn out to the last possible minute.

“I think it’s just so new for everybody that they were kind of playing it by ear. As was I, as was everybody,” said Logan, who was surprised that he was in the bottom three. “But I think that the voters back home tried really hard and everyone that follows me on Twitter tried really hard to keep me there… they all support me and they definitely did their best — I appreciate them.” Logan was inundated with fans’ messages crying foul play and that the vote was “rigged,” but he’s not carrying a grudge. “I’m not gonna cry over spilled milk, it’s a show and it’s about popularity and I just wasn’t the most popular this time,” he said. Logan didn’t want to know how many tweets he lost by. During the live broadcast, viewers weren’t treated to any sort of metric or margin of votes for the artists. “I just figured why look at something like that, you know what I mean, and make it into this thing it doesn’t have to be,” he said.

But Logan isn’t hard-pressed to find the positives in his elimination. “It was really great to be eliminated with my buddy Jonny Gray,” he said. Gray, a folk-rock singer on Team Cee Lo, was also in the bottom three, and received the least number of Twitter votes. “We are like really good friends since the show,” Logan said. “It was nice to be able to come back and have a drink and like you know, be with each other.”

What will Logan take away from working with coach Christina Aguilera? “Just always putting your heart out there and you know being comfortable with who you are.” Logan says his confidence on stage has grown and was encouraged by Christina’s support of his soulful voice. “To have someone like her say those things to you, it means a lot.” Of course viewers don’t get to see the camaraderie that develops between the the contestants, but for Logan, jamming with fellow musicians is what he’ll miss most about The Voice. “We would all sit out back at the hotel and pass around the guitar and just have [great times] and be goofy and talk about stuff that didn’t really pertain to the show. Those are the moments that I can’t even express to you, that were so valuable.”

On the show, Logan often talked about his 16-year-old son as his driving motivation to win. When he found out his dad had been eliminated, Logan said his son was understandably upset, but used Facebook and Twitter to send this message to his dad, “It is what it is, you know, I love you dad, I’m proud of you. Good job,” said Logan, clearly touched.

The soul singer’s post-Voice plans include hopes to cut an EP and go on tour. But for now, the magic of the Voice stage remains with him, “It’s just so powerful, what a feeling, what a rush, when you get out there and they call your name.”

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