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After that hour of television, I have two dominant thoughts/feelings. 1) I have always loved Olicity, but I didn’t fully understand my love of them until about six minutes ago, and I am IN. 2) Does anyone else watch both Arrow and S.H.I.E.L.D.? Because between trips to Russia, super serums, and acronym that use a bunch of periods, I’m starting to get deja vu. And if you don’t watch S.H.I.E.L.D., ignore that sentence, and let’s get into some Russian business.

To kick off our hour of travel, violence, sex, and feelings, Roy alerted Oliver to what appeared to be a counterfeit deal in The Glades. It really didn’t matter what it was. What mattered was that Felicity had to get in the middle of an Isabel-Oliver showdown to get his attention, which Isabel was none too happy about, and Roy alerted Quentin to the fact that they are now both a part of Team Arrow (yay partnership!).

Post-mission, Diggle was kidnapped by A.R.G.U.S., the company his ex-girlfriend used to work for. According to newcomer Amanda Waller, Diggle’s lady friend, Lyla Michaels, had gone to Moscow to track down Deadshot, and they hadn’t heard from her since. Cue a little bromantic support, and Team Arrow was packed up and ready to “visit Queen Consolidated’s subsidiary” overseas. But hold on just a moment there peeps, because Isabel seemed to be the world’s fastest packer. She was coming along for the ride, you know, considering she’s a partner in the company. Oh, and in addition to being a fast packer, she’s always a fashion-forward one, with a fur hat in tow and everything.

In the lady drama of the evening, Isabel accused Oliver of trying to jet off with his secretary (Felicity). Isabel had taken note of Felicity’s short skirts, which Oliver claimed weren’t that short. But that conversation would have to be put on hold until after Diggle figured out where Lyla was. Oliver and Diggle paid a visit to Olly’s Russian contact, where they learned that Lyla had purposefully been sent to Russia’s worst prison. She was chasing Deadshot, but it seemed once she got inside, getting out wasn’t as easy as she’d hoped. The only way to get in was to be a prisoner, which meant Diggle was going to become Russia’s biggest drug dealer in the shortest amount of time.

So why was Diggle willing to risk everything? Maybe because Lyla wasn’t just an ex. She was his ex-wife. They met in Afghanistan and got divorced after they returned home and, according to him, couldn’t figure out how to stay married without a war to fight. And now, he wasn’t leaving snowy Russia without his boo. Once inside, Diggle quickly got into a fight with some inmates — I would fight too if I had to eat what looked like vomit for dinner — for which he was sent to the freezer. Literally, he was chained up in a freezing cold room, where he came face-to-face with Deadshot. It wasn’t long until Diggle’s accomplice unlocked his cuffs, but Deadshot wasn’t far behind. Deadshot took out Diggle’s prison ally with one swing (of an icicle?). Diggle’s only choice was to let Deadshot take him to Lyla in exchange for helping the one-eyed sharp shooter get out of jail free. He agreed.

So what was Oliver doing while Diggle fought his way through Russian hell? Winking at Felicity, and then taking some time to get to know his business partner a little better. Isabel and Oliver shared a little bit of personal information and a lot of vodka, during which she informed him that everyone at the company thought he and Felicity were a couple (because they should be!). She then told him that she wanted the company to be successful because, as a woman in business, she always has to succeed. And also, she’s on to him. She sees that he’s actually not lazy, but rather intelligent, driven, and a little lonely… three adjectives she’d also use to describe herself. And you know what intelligent, driven, lonely people do? They sleep together. The best part of that scene was Oliver telling her he didn’t have much time and her agreeing to be quick. The girl knew what she wanted, I’ll give her that much.

On his way out the door to help Diggle, Oliver ran into Felicity, just as Isabel snuck by in a half-zipped dress. Oliver’s face made my Olicity-loving heart feel like it was being squeezed by a hybrid (Originals reference!), but more on that in a few. Back in prison, Diggle found Lyla, and the three of them met up with Oliver and the team to escape (said like this). Once they were in the clear, Diggle made Deadshot get out of the car, but because of his whole “honor” code, Diggle couldn’t shoot him. However, Deadshot did offer up some information: Killing Diggle’s brother was not an accident. The hit was ordered by an alias named H.I.V.E. (See what I mean about the periods?)

Once they were back on ‘Merican soil, Lyla thanked Diggle for the rescue mission with some sex — did anyone else laugh when she thanked him for “coming for her?” Just me? I’m cool with that. Fun fact: Diggle makes blueberry pancakes. Could we love this muscly, sensitive, pancake-making man any more than we already do? I don’t think we could.

And while we’re on the topic of couples, a quick catch-up sesh on Roy and Thea. Thea broke up with Roy after her mother’s attorney claimed it would help Moira’s case. According to the lawyer, Thea dating a felon didn’t look great to the press. However, Moira took matters into her own hands and forbid Thea not to see Roy. A+ mom move, Moira.

Now, moving to the interaction that stole/broke every single piece of my heart, a.k.a. when Felicity asked Oliver why he’d slept with Isabel, and he said it didn’t mean anything. Because of the life he leads, he thinks it’s better “to not be with someone that I could really care about.” At this point, he was tearing up, and so was I. Felicity then informed him that he deserved better than Isabel, and I was all “Oh!” and “Preach!” He needs someone a little more blond, don’t ya think? (And no, I’m not talking about me).

I’m also not talking about Sara, who we saw in this week’s flashbacks to the boat. Doctor Ivo let it be known that during WWII, the Japanese had developed a serum for increased strength and rapid cell regeneration in order to create an army of super soldiers. Sound familiar? Well, the serum was on a submarine that was attacked, and now they think it’s on the island. And after Sara pulled a crappy move by tricking Oliver into calling his friends and proving they were still alive — sorry Shado and Slade! — she redeemed herself a tiny bit by making them keep Oliver alive. The moral of the story: It’s time for Oliver to head back to the island.

What did you guys think of the episode? Is Diggle the bestest or what? And how are all of you Olicity lovers feeling? A little drained? I’m right there with you. Finally, what are your thoughts on Isabel’s secrets? We know she has some, right? Sound off in the comments below!

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