By Jennifer Arellano
November 12, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
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[SPOILER ALERT!!! Read on only if you have already seen Tuesday night’s eliminations round.]

Tonight was The Voice‘s great social media experiment. Did it work? And more importantly, did America’s Twitter users save the right singer?

Here’s a quick react, before my full recap coming later tonight [UPDATE: Recap is live]

Jonny Gray and Josh Logan have been eliminated. Kat Robichaud won the Instant Save and remains in the competition.

After an opening performance of “Brave” with Sara Bareilles and the remaining four female singers, plus some Team Cee Lo and Team Adam renditions (with a suited Adam Levine on drums), Carson slowly revealed the nine singers moving on. And there weren’t too many surprises: Matthew Schuler, who cracked iTunes top ten songs, moved on, as did the likes of Tessanne Chin and James Wolpert.

The three singers with the least number of votes were from Team Cee Lo and Team Christina: Kat Robichaud, Jonny Gray, and Josh Logan. At around 9:53 p.m. ET, Carson Daly gave the go ahead to start tweeting. And for those in Mountain and Pacific regions, you probably saw this tweet:

By the looks of the retweets on that account alone, and even by coach Blake’s own glance at Twitter, it looked like Jonny would surely be saved. Carson went on to announce the singer in third place, and surprisingly, it was Jonny. With the credits rolling fast and the East Coast broadcast already over, Carson announced, without citing numbers, or giving the audience watching from home a screen to look at, that Kat Robichaud garnered the most Twitter mentions. Were you shocked? Saddened there’ll be no Jonny or Josh in the competition?

Discuss amongst yourselves and stay tuned for the recap coming later tonight [UPDATE: Recap is live]

Here’s Sara Bareilles performing “Brave” with help from Caroline Pennell, Kat Robichaud, Jacquie Lee, and Tessanne Chin:

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