Tales From The Dark Side

Horror anthology fans, brace yourselves for big news: George A. Romero’s classic Tales from the Darkside is being developed into a new series by The CW.

And it’s being written by acclaimed horror novelist Joe Hill (NOS4A2), the pseudonymous son of Stephen King.

And it’s from the executive producers of Star Trek and Sleepy Hollow, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

And …

That’s about all we know at this early stage. Except for, perhaps, that it will likely feature plenty of ridiculously hot young characters being menaced by supernatural forces, given that the project is at The CW (a fashion magazine assistant with a haunted Twitter account is surely a first-season episode). The official logline is that the series is a “reinvention of the horror/fantasy/ thriller anthology series.”

Tales from the Darkside was launched as a syndicated series in 1984. It ran for four seasons and was followed by a Darkside film (and no, this is not the anthology series with the Crypt Keeper — that’s Tales from the Crypt). The project is from CBS Studios, which was also in the early stages of considering a Twilight Zone reboot last year with Bryan Singer, but there’s no update on that one. Here’s the opening and end credits of the original: