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Mindy has been meeting-cute with a lot of guys lately. It was only a matter of time before we saw a morning-after with one of them; I just didn’t think the lucky suitor would be Danny.

PSYCH! They didn’t hook up — but last night Mindy and Danny did come closer to discussing the Taylor Swift song in the room than they ever previously had. Mindy lost her purse, including her apartment keys and wallet, so she needed to crash with Danny for the night. He did not seem enthused, but he later relents. When they got back to his apartment, they run into Danny’s crazy-neighbor-turned-hookup-buddy, and Mindy pretended to be his girlfriend (Chloe Silverado) to get her to leave — but naturally Mindy took things too far, embellishing she was pregnant as the duo awkwardly touched each other in a way that was very reminiscent of two aliens discovering the human body for the first time.

Reading on the couch together turned into Mindy crawling into bed with Danny to watch a nature documentary about frogs, and with sexual tension you could cut with the skinny strap of Mindy’s missing Chanel purse, Danny declared that the duo finally had to talk about her farting, spilled wine, chocolate syrup their relationship. Earlier, Mindy had confided to Danny that she was thinking about asking out a guy that works on their floor, but she’s afraid he’s out of her league. Danny thought the guy was him, which — throughout the night — triggered him wondering if maybe he did like Mindy as more than a friend.

But just as he was about to force them into a discussion about love (her very own Sandra Bullock moment!), crazy neighbor lady appeared on the couch, because Danny had given her a key at one point. Turns out she wasn’t so much a random hookup as a girlfriend whom Danny made pancakes for (and also apparently did some kinky stuff with chocolate). She became convinced Mindy and Danny are, in fact, engaged, not because of their over-the-top, not-at-all-sexual hugging, but because, “Danny never looks at me like he looks at you.” Cue audience gasps — and an incredulous look from Danny. Did he maybe love the materialistic goofball after all? (YES!)

While Mindy was off living a romantic comedy minus the big closing credits kiss, Morgan and Peter were back at the office, trying to give Mindy’s love life an R-rated boost. They discovered her missing purse in the break room, and decided to start texting with Cliff, the hot divorce lawyer who definitely has a thing for Mindy. Side note: I love Cliff. As much as I want Mindy and Danny to wind up together in the very last episode, I would very much like proper but slightly kinky Cliff to stay in the picture for quite some time.

Via Morgan and Peter, “Mindy” and Cliff’s sexting got pretty steamy pretty fast, throwing around wink-y faces a.k.a. emoji porn like an unrestrained Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Cliff decided that a “no panties” text is an invitation, so he swung by Mindy’s place….where he was greeted by a Morgan and Peter-thrown party, with no Dr. Lahiri in sight.

The guys tried to keep Cliff entertained without Mindy, but you can only play “disingenuous” so many times in Scrabble before it’s a little, well, you get it. But wait! Also at this party was the return of Mindy’s neighbor, Heather (Ellie Kemper), who’s become duller than when we last saw her. She chatted it up with Cliff, but, after Morgan and Peter come clean that it was them doing the texting, not Mindy, he threatened to kill them unless they delete the texts, which Morgan assured Peter he’d already done.

A depressed Cliff thew in the towel and left the party with Heather, while the next morning, Danny told a chipper Mindy she should go for it with the guy at work; she informed him she plans to: She’s going to ask out Cliff once she got back to her apartment. Of course, at this point Danny thought she was talking about him, and it wasn’t hard to miss the hurt in his eyes (Sad!Danny Thought: Aren’t Cliff’s eyes kind of close together?). But, of course, Mindy doesn’t get a chance to ask out Cliff — she learned via voicemail from Heather that Cliff went home with her instead, and then the other shoe drops: Turns out tricky Morgan didn’t delete the texts after all, and Mindy sees all the messages from Cliff — and then we cut to the credits.

What did you all think of the Mindy and Danny developments? Do you want her to try and still make a go of it with Cliff, or are you hoping not-as-tough-as-he-thinks-he-is Danny tells her how he really feels? P.S., here’s a little sexting straight from me to you, Cliff: I’ll be your girlfriend forever. Let me know if you’re interested; Y/N/M. ; )”

Best Lines:

“I’m, how you say, ass model.”

“Girls have to Lean In so their boobs look bigger.” -Morgan grossly misunderstanding what Sheryl Sandberg’s book is all about

“My favorite hobby is also activities.” -Morgan discovers he has something in common with a Miss Universe runner-up

“#LeaveMileyAlone.” -My new life motto

“Your competence is a double-edged sword.” -If I had a nickel…

“I give this party a C.”

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