Jennifer Lawrence InStyle Cover
Credit: Michelangelo Di Battista for InStyle

With Catching Fire just over a week away, the press tour is well on its way, which directly translates to: It’s time for Jennifer Lawrence to make us fall head-over-heels in love with her again … as if we weren’t already. After all, this is the girl who held up her Oscar and flipped off a photographer all at the same time. Just ask Jack Nicholson, there’s nothing not to love.

And as the press tour continues, Lawrence’s face (and new hair do) will be hard to miss, starting with the December issue of InStyle(on stands Friday), in which she talks about everything from her exercise routine to her couch-surfing skills.

Kicking things off on a sincere note, Lawrence discussed her decision to take on the role of Katniss Everdeen. “It did kind of scare of me when I first was offered the part. The more somebody recognizes me, the less I’m going to be able to lose myself in any other characters,” she told InStyle. “But then I started to think differently. It’s not as scary when it’s a character you love, who is impressive and honorable.” So what will her life hold once the last Mockingjay has flown? “After I wrap Hunger Games, I’m going to calm down for a while. A real life is starting to look pretty appealing.”

A real life typically comes with something like a real place to call home, which, despite her success, Lawrence is yet to rent and/or own. “Everyone says I’m the richest couch-jumper ever. But I just feel like I’m not ready to own property. I don’t think I would take good care of it. My tastes are changing so much that I would buy something, then hate it in a few years. It’s like, right now I have the money but not the mental capacity.”

But home or no home, we wouldn’t expect to find Lawrence living with a group of women. “My brothers and I would scream at each other, and we’d be like, ‘I hate you! You’re so stupid! You’re ugly!’ And then five minutes later it would be, ‘I love you.’ I got thrown down stairs, I got punched. It’s not like I had a superior childhood because I had brothers — I was crying just as much,” Lawrence said. ” But you could see my wounds. Girls are so imaginative, so good at getting to the warped place and really just taking someone apart surgically. A girl will tell you: ‘Your arms are flabby.’ Oh my god! Don’t go for the arms!”

Speaking of flab, how does Lawrence stay motivated to hit the gym? Well, she doesn’t. “Nothing can motivate me. During Hunger Games, when I was eating ungodly amounts, I used to tell myself, Stop eating — people are going to see this. This is going to be around forever. But nope! I was like, I still want candy, and I still want a hot dog! And then X-Men started and I thought, Oh, definitely — I’ll be naked, I’ll make myself work out and diet. But nope. Not me!”

Even when we pair that last statement with the way she looks on the red carpet, we still love her. It’s a curse.

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