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It’s another night of Atlanta drama as our six favorite peaches have returned for episode two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha’s taking the Waiting to Exhale route — channeling Angela Bassett’s character Bernadine — sporting a new chopped hairdo during her divorce (temporarily, in between scenes), Kandi’s fighting for love, Phaedra’s fighting her love (Apollo), Cynthia’s got a real health issue, and NeNe’s not for the drama, especially with Kenya. Here are five memorable moments from tonight’s episode.

1. Porsha and Diane’s shocking revelations Part II

The secrets didn’t stop after the season premiere as Porsha and mother Diane still had more tidbits to reveal about estranged ex-husband to be Kordell. Spilling more of the tea about her marriage to the NFL star, Porsha revealed the harsh reality of living rich but being broke by recalling memories of having to ask her mother for $500. Wow, guess you can’t really judge a book by it’s cover. But Kordell wasn’t that harsh of a guy. He did at least give her a spousal support check for $5,000.

2. NeNe vs. Kenya: The Reconciliation

After the Bailey Agency blowout, NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore met up to clear the air, but in perfect NeNe fashion, the “very-rich” Leakes planned to make it known to Moore to she should never argue with the queen. Has Kenya lost her brain? According to Leakes (and myself), YES! Although NeNe feels that Kenya was wrong for getting out of line, she puts aside the mess of the argument to get to the bottom of Kenya’s erratic behavior. Moore explains herself, citing the troubles with her landlord as one of the reasons for her behavior and even cries on queue. However, NeNe’s not for the excuses or the crocodile tears. Leakes didn’t understand “why a fabulous twirler, booty-model, workout guru would be homeless?” But, NeNe’s a great friend. She’s extending the olive branch to Kenya after hearing her twirling friend has plans to move out her drama-filled house by find a place to live. However, Kenya can’t stay over at her house. Kudos to you Mrs. Leakes, real friends are hard to come by.

3. Kenya’s thrown in the lion’s den and Porsha’s heated moment

Thrown into the pack of wolves with fabulous dresses and new hair pieces (Porsha) at NeNe’s request and good friend tactics, Kenya clears the text message drama that caused even more divide between her and Phaedra Parks. In a group setting with all the ladies, Moore states directly to Parks that there was never inappropriate manner in the texts between her and Phaedra’s husband Apollo. However, Kandi’s still skeptical about it. Porsha chimes in to address the text, but Moore murmurs to NeNe that Stewart is being prompted like a puppet to say something. Porsha goes off NeNe style, yelling at Kenya! She’s told by Parks to use her INSIDE VOICE, but Porsha’s hot. Guess the divorce drama’s really getting to Porsha. In the end, Phaedra’s moved past the text message drama and the AIDS accusation Kenya made against her and Apollo, maintaining that she’s mature enough to be in the same room with Kenya, but still not speak to her. Well, at least there’s some effort.

4. Porsha’s moving out, with the help of Kordell

Porsha maintains her stance as a pampered princess in her mother’s house, and Kordell’s helping her along the way whether she likes it or not. As she moves back in her mother’s house, Stewart receives a text from her lawyer, Randy Kessler. Kessler informs Stewart that her ex-husband is already expediting the process of moving her stuff via another lawyer. Kordell’s already packed her stuff in boxes, and has told her via her lawyer that she can come and get her things? Kordell, come on. That’s taking things a little too far.

5. Mama Joyce’s two cents

Let’s just face it, Mama Joyce doesn’t like any guy that Kandi dates. From A.J. to now Todd, she just wants Ms. Burruss all to herself. It’s apparent mother knows too much about Todd and according to her sources (the streets) she thinks Todd is an opportunist. Confronting Kandi, Mama Joyce tells her daughter she should be ashamed for having more pictures of Kandi and Todd around her house than her own daughter, Riley. Joyce urges her daughter, “Don’t let anybody take advantage of you!” The sad moment: Joyce brings Kandi to tears by speaking a little too much of her piece, especially when referring to the $7,500 engagement ring that Kandi requested. She walks out, “I know you want to choke me right now!” Talk about tough love, Kandi’s mother hits where it hurts, taking jabs at Todd’s finances. Shouldn’t it be love over money?

Wow, what an episode two. Were you feeling Porsha’s new hairdo? Was Mama Joyce right? Was Kenya really genuine in her answers to Phaedra in explaining her text messages to Apollo were strictly platonic? Let us know in the comments below. For a full recap, click here.

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