What will become of Carol?

So, Team Carol or Team Rick? Fans of The Walking Dead were divided into two camps after the AMC drama unleashed its first major surprise of the season on Nov. 3. After learning that Carol (Melissa McBride) had killed two sick people in the hopes of stopping the deadly virus they carried from spreading, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) would not allow her to return with him to the prison, abandoning a woman who had already lost her husband and daughter to the zombie apocalypse on the side of the road by herself with a car full of supplies.

The news of Carol’s fate was equally harsh for the actress playing her. “It’s one thing when they tell you sort of what’s going to happen,” says McBride. “It’s another thing for me to read it when I get the actual script. And reading that last page floored me as much as it floored Carol. In fact, Carol handled it much better than I did.” Fans won’t like handling the fact that Carol never got a final moment with Daryl (Norman Reedus), a pairing they’ve been clamoring for since season 2. “She didn’t get to say goodbye to him,” sighs McBride. “She didn’t get to say goodbye to anybody. This world that they’re living in is so mean.”

Will we see Carol again? McBride either doesn’t know or isn’t telling. “I can’t say for sure one way or the other,” she replies. “I hope we do. I hope that’s not the last of her, but you know the way this show is. And we always think, well, if we don’t see them die on camera, there’s always a possibility. And then we do see them die on camera and sometimes they still come back, so who knows?”