Survivor John Cody
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

It was double trouble last night on Survivor: Blood vs. Water as two people were eliminated from the game when they lost the final pre-merge duel at Redemption Island. But was that final duel — in which the contestants had to put their feet in tiny footholds while hanging onto a pole to support all their weight for as long as possible — fair? We asked the eliminated man with the size 12-and-a-half feet — John Cody — his thoughts when he called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105), and now you can hear the entire thing on the InsideTV Podcast.

It turns out this was the one exact challenge that John told wife Candice before the game that he knew he could not win. “It’s a pound per square inch thing,” explains John. “It’s a matter of physics. I have the same amount of weight as somebody who weighs close to 100 pounds less than I do.” Does John share my opinion that such challenges should be weighted to account for different sized feet and…well, weight (much like the way contestants all hold the same percentage of their weight in strength challenges so big burly dudes don’t have an unfair advantage)? “It should be more neutral,” concurs John. “When it’s a do or die like you win this or you go home, yeah, it seemed a little bit weird that it was so geared towards somebody who is much smaller, and I think that’s pretty evident.”

Also evident is the fact that Laura Boneham was eliminated as well from Survivor after losing the duel, and she too called into the show to talk about her topsy-turvy time on the island — from being voted out of her tribe just minutes into the game to being blindsided by her supposedly all-female alliance. Laura explains how it all went wrong and what she wishes she had done differently in the game.

But we start off with some non-Survivor related interviews. The handsomest man on television, Rob Lowe, stopped by the studio to tell us about his new Nat Geo movie Killing Kennedy. That is, I allow him to tell us about it after I pepper him with questions about the best movie of all-time: Youngblood! After plenty of awkward Youngblood banter, we discuss what drew him to the presidential projec,t and he also shares some scoop about his last season on Parks & Recreation. And I know you can’t actually see him talking because it’s a podcast and all, but again, I cannot emphasis enough how damn handsome that man is. It’s infuriating, actually.

I then chat with the lady at the center of The Walking Dead storm. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, calls in again to talk all about her character being abandoned by Rick and not allowed back to the prison. McBride shares her reaction when she first got the news, tells us what she would have done in Rick’s place, and answers the big question as to whether we will ever see Carol again. It’s a must-listen chat for any Walking Dead fan.

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