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Now that Damon Wayans Jr. has signed on for the rest of this season of New Girl, we can safely look forward to even more Coach — and even more opportunities for Damon Wayans Jr. to do his thing. And by “thing,” well, we mean the five following Wayans Jr.-isms we’d love to see him pull off during his extra guest starring time:

1. Pirouettes

Wayans Jr. is a pirouetting pro. Sure, that’s not an actual position, but boy, can that man twirl. We can see it now: a Jess and Coach twirl-off. Better yet, a Nick and Coach twirl-off. Or maybe a Ferguson and Coach twirl-off? Think of the possibilities!

2. Singing

…Or harmonizing, that is. New Girl writers, please let Wayans Jr. stretch his vocal chords beyond yelling — there are enough characters doing that on the show already. Besides, the man’s got pipes.

3. More dancing

This is a different category from pirouetting, because Wayans Jr. has a whole stock of moves we’d love to see him work into New Girl, as evidenced by his performance in Dance Flick. He could even coach the others into following a dance routine, if you catch my drift.

4. Playing the straight-faced guy

We think it’d be fun to see Coach a little less Coach-y in an episode or two. Considering the over-the-top personalities of the New Girl loftmates, a change in demeanor, like Wayans Jr.’s character in the web series “Just Face It,” would be appreciated. Who better to tackle that than the new addition?

5. Being the “Woman”

Please, please, please, have Wayans Jr. do his “trophy wife” shtick again. We’ve missed his “Ya-hah!” cry.

Looking back at those five requests, maybe it’s time to admit just how much we miss Happy Endings. Sniff. Aside from having an excuse to rewatch Wayans Jr.’s best scenes from Happy Endings, what else are you looking forward to with him on New Girl for an extended stay? Sound off in the comments below.

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