Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench is a revered Oscar-winning actress, but the kids all know her as M, James Bond’s crusty boss who died a good death in last year’s Skyfall. So what better way to promote her buzzy Oscar-hopeful performance in Philomena than resurrecting M for a special mission?

“Just when you thought I was dead,” non-M M says to the camera in the new marketing gimmick for The Weinstein Company’s movie. “I have an important mission for you… Are you familiar with M.P.A.A?”

Ah, M.P.A.A. — SPECTRE’S parent organization, which lives in an underground bunker underneath the Hollywood Hills and and whose tentacles maintain an octopus grip on the entertainment industry — and thus, the world.

In this particular case, The Weinstein Company was bothered by the M.P.A.A.’s decision to give Philomena an R-rating, reportedly because of one profanity too many. On CBS This Morning, Harvey Weinstein said, “With the blessing of Barbara Broccoli and the Bond team, M has returned from the dead to fight this battle,” and hinted that the story will continue in upcoming videos on FunnyOrDie.

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