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Updated November 06, 2013 at 03:30 PM EST
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If Tomorrow People can use teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy at the drop of a hat, do they still party like humans? Or perhaps the better question is: Do they get the chance to party like humans? We’re going to find out the answer in tonight’s episode, “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”

Determined to have some normalcy in the lives of her fellow people, Cara somehow convinces John to let the Tomorrow People have a little fun above ground. After all, everyone deserves a night off, right? It’s a good idea, but not everyone has to deal with Ultra, which means that, predictably, the night doesn’t go as planned. And those unplanned occurrences cause Stephen to have to ditch his Homecoming date, a.k.a. his already curious best friend Astrid. So we tracked down Astrid herself, Madeleine Mantock, to talk about tonight’s episode:

On Astrid’s growing curiosity about Stephen: “[Astrid] saw what she saw and didn’t really get any confirmation of it from Stephen. She never got that, so she decided to figure out what’s going on. Episode 5, we go to with homecoming, but things may go awry. There are deterrents from outside forces and organizations. She just wants to know. She’s not judging him. She’s saying, ‘I think I saw this, did I?’ By the end of episode 5, her mind kind of has changed and she’s not as, let’s just say Stephen may come to her with something.”

On Astrid’s reaction to the big news: “I think there are two sides to the coin on this: First, it’s like, ‘Oh it’s actually quite brilliant. You still look normal, but you can just do some extra-special stuff.’ But then, the other side of it is the realization that they’re not just allowed to run around, they’re all being hunted by this organization. For anybody, it’s a lot to discover. Fantastic, you can do cool stuff but also, are you in any danger and if so, how can we keep you safe?”

On Astrid’s purpose: “I think initially [her purpose] is very much to support Stephen. Is she in the line of fire? I don’t know. But I do feel like at some point we will see her in the mix. I hope so, anyway.”

On a potential romance between Stephen and Astrid: “I think because of the kind of show that we’re on, it would be safe to say that everybody at some point will probably have a romantic crossing. Astrid and Stephen are friends. It’s quite clear to me that Astrid would like a little bit more. But also, Stephen and Cara have this connection. She was in his head when he started to break out and knows what he’s been going through in a much more intense way than Astrid does. [Astrid is] always going, ‘What’s going on?’ when Cara just knows. And as we get further along, different characters may meet.

On viewers potentially seeing Astrid’s back story: “Yes! I’m happy to say that you will. Not necessarily in the back story kind of way because she’s not a Tomorrow Person and doesn’t have a story of breaking out, but about who she is and what she does alongside Stephen. Yes, that will happen.”

On the introduction of Jedekiah’s mysterious boss: “I know that I’m not allowed to tell you his name. You do meet him in episode 5. The guy who plays him is absolutely lovely.”

The Tomorrow People airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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