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Updated November 06, 2013 at 08:00 AM EST
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It’s been a great week for Bravo fans. Following the premieres of both The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Shahs of Sunset returned for a third season. Last season, the group of Persian-American friends living in Los Angeles got into some crazy pool party fights and the world was introduced to the glory that is diamond water.

The premiere picks up three months after we last saw the group together. So, are Reza and MJ still talking? Is MJ getting along with her mother? Can we all just admit that MJ may be the root of all the problems? Here are five highlights from the premiere:

No hair gel, no problem: Shockingly, Reza’s first appearance onscreen was a hairy mess, literally. Reza went Porsche shopping with Mike to make him feel better about turning 40, but apparently getting older also means he doesn’t need hair products at all times. Reza didn’t end up buying a car that day, but he was happy to still be making money, while Mike hasn’t brought in one deal yet in their new real estate business together. Uh oh… something tells me this isn’t the last we will hear about it.

Crocodiles in L.A.? MJ’s rocky relationship with her mother was on full display last season, even taking cameras into their personal therapy sessions (wait, I guess that’s pretty common under reality TV standards). They spend some mother/daughter quality time together riding bikes by a lake, where MJ’s mother worries that she may run into a crocodile. MJ wants her mother to embrace her youth a little more and compares her to Cyndi Lauper, which her mother takes as an insult. She really just doesn’t want to have fun.

A different type of mixer: Even though they aren’t even engaged yet (as everyone likes to remind him), Mike’s girlfriend Jessica is converting to Judaism and the couple attend a mixer of “mixed” couples. There, they meet a man who was just circumcised at 75 and a random black single guy who came alone. Mike and Jessica really seem like a nice couple and it’s great that she is taking this big step for their future together. But why is religion such a big deal for some people and their families? Mike is clearly happy with Jessica — and being a Jew myself, I can tell you Jessica will not be as happy during her Torah lessons.

You go, GG! Our girl GG is back and better than ever. Last season, she physically attacked Asa at a pool party and casually walked around a dinner party holding a knife. But that’s the past, and GG has put her grownup panties on now and is ready to be taken more seriously and accept responsibility for her previous actions. She apologized to Asa and is finally becoming friendly with her sister Leila after her divorce. And she was even called a “wonderful child holder” by her sister’s pediatrician. Clearly, GG is ready to settle down and start wonderfully holding her own children.

Flowers from a guilty man: Reza and MJ’s falling out last season was both shocking and upsetting to fans of the show and the duo who at one point considered themselves more like family. Things are far from mended between the two, but Reza tries to extend an olive branch, or more like dozen roses, by warning MJ that she won’t be let into Lilly’s upcoming birthday party because she didn’t RSVP. MJ didn’t think she had to because the invitation was actually just an Evite — which, according to her, is more like a public service announcement. Lilly then disinvited MJ from the party when she tried to RSVP last-minute. Too bad for MJ, cause she missed the biggest Persian Prom of the year ever!

Here comes the birthday girl: With 120 of her closest friends and four different dresses, Lilly, who spoke to EW about the new season, celebrated her 30th birthday with a prom-themed bash. Apparently Lilly was shy and awkward when she was younger, but this probably seemed more fun than doing a version of an “It’s Gets Better” video. The party featured an odd bunch of OC couples (“A gaggle of gold diggers with their shovels in tow” according to Reza) and your classic Bravo gays. Lilly crowned herself Prom Queen, but everyone was upset that MJ wasn’t there and confronted her about it during her own party.

Someone getting confronted at her own party? If I had a nickel for every time that happened on Bravo this week…

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