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After last week’s big reveal that the Black Canary is none other than Sara Lance, tonight’s episode of Arrow will focus on Sara’s backstory, with the biggest point being that the League of Assassins wants her back. And they want her bad. So what happens when Sara is forced to face her past while physically fighting those who trained her? We caught up with Caity Lotz to talk about tonight’s fight scenes, how dark Sara’s past really is, and any potential for a romance between Sara and Oliver:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So tonight is about the Black Canary’s back story. What can we expect? How dark is it going to get?

CAITY LOTZ: I feel like this season is pretty dark, and it just gets really real and harsh. It takes a very realistic approach to things. It doesn’t really water it down, so Sara definitely has a dark past, and it’s also one that has many layers. There’s a bunch of different chapters, kind of like Oliver’s, it’s not just one thing happened and now she’s this. It was a long process of development and experiences and interactions that made her who she is today.

With Oliver, flashbacks happen basically every episode. Will we continue to get Sara flashbacks past just this week?

Yes. We’ll definitely get to learn more about where she came from, what happened and what happened with her and Oliver.

We know this week is all about the League of Assassins. I feel like she hasn’t shown a lot of fear toward the League yet, though we haven’t really seen her faced with anything but one messenger. Is leaving the League her biggest battle?

I don’t know. In terms of her fear, I think the League of Assassins is not something that she has in her back pocket. She’s definitely afraid of them. These are the best of the best, and she was trained by them, so the people who trained her are probably going to be better or at least not different and give her a run for her money. One of the parts that I think really makes it terrifying for her is the effects that it could have on her family because all of the sudden, it’s not just about her and it’s not just her life that’s in danger.

That’s another thing. Last week, she took Oliver’s hand and seemed like maybe she was going to see Laurel and her father. Are we going to get to see that family interaction anytime soon?

I see it happening. I don’t know when it will happen, but it’s definitely something we’re going to have to look forward to because it will change their world and all the troubles they’ve been dealing with.

So what about her stance on “Men should never hurt women.” Will we get to see where that comes from tonight?

It touches on it a little bit. The one thing that I love about the show is the way that the writers weave everything in. Since it’s not linear, you get little plot points, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg and then you go deeper and you come back up. It’s complicated the way they weave it, but it makes it so entertaining, so it does touch on it a little bit, but I think that’s something we’re going to get into more in future episodes.

Do you see a potential for romance between Sara and Oliver?

I don’t know. They have a lot of sh– in their past. It’s not like they would have some kind of clean slate. I think they both really care for Laurel, and I don’t know if that would happen. It’s so complicated between them. Even today I think with their past it’s very complicated.

Now that you all are about 10 episodes in with filming, is the Black Canary still on Oliver’s side?

The last episode wasn’t about them coming together like, “Oh now we’re partners,” it was more they had a common enemy and Canary needed something to happen to somebody who hurt someone so close to her and who was hurting the city. So I wouldn’t say that they’re partners now. Sara has a lot of stuff that she needs to still deal with before she could just settle into being a super hero.

Will we ever see Ra’s al Ghul?

I don’t know. Maybe!

I secretly want Liam Neeson to show up.

Right? Let’s shout that out! I’m sure the producers would be very open to having him come on the show.

Speaking of the League of Assassins, how dangerous is this week for the Black Canary?

I think it’s really dangerous on a lot of different levels. Her past is coming and can mess everything up. I think she deals with the fact that she has to worry about other people besides just herself, so there’s definitely a lot of danger in there. And with the action, I think everyone’s really excited about this next episode. There’s some great fight scenes in it.

Arrow airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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