By Shirley Li
November 05, 2013 at 09:51 PM EST

[Monday-night TV spoiler alert!]

They say love is patient, love is kind. But if television sitcoms are any indication, love is also undeniably funny — and following last night’s touching proposal on How I Met Your Mother between Ted and the Mother (finally!), we decided to take a look back at how shows have tackled popping the question in the past.

So, hopeless romantics everywhere, it’s time to vote. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite proposals from comedies that have made engagements equally sweet and silly. Which one’s your favorite?

1. The Office: Michael and Holly

Michael’s proposal to Holly took a room full of lit candles — and an unexpected indoor shower that drenched the happy couple. The scene mirrored the similarly sweet proposal scene between Jim and Pam, which occurred in the middle of a downpour.

2. Parks and Recreation: Ben and Leslie

Ben surprises Leslie in their future home. Leslie, being Leslie, asks him to pause as she works to remember the moment. “I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is right now at this exact moment,” she tells him, and then says “yes” before he finishes the question. Aww.

3. Friends: Monica and Chandler

In what’s perhaps Joey’s best performance, the Friend gets Chandler ready for Monica’s proposal. Er, make that Monica and Chandler’s proposals, as they struggle to get the words out before bawling out of joy. Of course, the 10 seasons of Friends saw many memorable proposals, including all of Joey’s and even Ross’ moment with Emily (though that last one didn’t work out so well in the end).

4. Frasier: Niles and Daphne

In the very definition of a sitcom proposal, Niles asked Daphne for her hand in marriage in the most unfortunate of circumstances: She’s sick, and he’s trying to keep her from seeing the dozens of workers he had hired to surprise her.

5. Martin: Gina and Martin

Serenaded by Brian McKnight singing “Never Felt This Way,” Martin’s proposal on a park bench is just understated enough. Plus, the rest of the cast joining them at the end was the cherry on top of a perfectly sweet proposal sundae.

6. Glee: Kurt and Blaine

Glee may not be a sitcom sitcom, but we’re including it anyway because, let’s face it, Blaine’s proposal was unforgettable. Honestly, what would a proposal on Glee be without an elaborate performance? Even though Kurt knows he’s about to arrive at his surprise proposal, Blaine and the gang’s rendition of “All You Need Is Love” makes Kurt’s jaw drop.

7. Boy Meets World: Cory and Topanga

Topanga’s proposal is nowhere near as lengthy as some of these other sitcoms’, but it’s done at the most unexpected moment: the end of their high school graduation ceremony. That expression Cory has at the end? Exactly.

8. Cheers: Sam and Diane

No, this video’s not the one of their proposal (the unembeddable actual video is here), but who can forget Sam and Diane’s picture-perfect proposal before its unexpected, but hilarious, failure? After Diane says no (and gets rescued out of the water), Sam has a seemingly life-changing epiphany, until Diane returns with her true answer.

9. The Mindy Project: Danny and Morgan

Okay, fine, this isn’t a serious proposal, but it’s got a performance by The National, a memorable rom-com twist, and a quick peck on the lips. What’s not to like?

10. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Trevor and Hilary

Ah, the epic proposal heard ’round the world — for the worst reasons. Poor Hilary watched her beloved Trevor bellow the question as he bungee-jumped down, down, down to a sickening (dare we say, gut-busting?) crunch.

11. How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Robin

Finally, we’ll wager Barney’s elaborate proposal to Robin beats out any of the proposals we’ve seen on HIMYM. Its intricate plan, involving Patrice, Ted, and the Playbook, was — what else? — legendary.

None of the above? Comment with your favorite below!