By Erin Strecker
November 05, 2013 at 03:10 PM EST

Don Draper was likely a huge fan.

Today, Google celebrates what would have been the 120th birthday of Raymond Loewy, who was known as the father of industrial design. He was responsible for brand logos from Exxon Mobil, Shell Oil, Lucky Strikes white package and Schick electric razors, among many others. From 1967 to 1973 he even consulted for NASA’s Saturn-Apollo and Skylab projects, pioneering a porthole that looked toward Earth and designs that simulated gravity.

“One can hardly open a beer or a soft drink, fix breakfast, board a plane, buy gas, mail a letter or shop for an appliance without encountering a Loewy creation,” the New York Times once wrote.

The Doodle today is an homage to his work on the Pennsylvania railroad; In addition to all his other brand work, Loewy designed four locomotives at the height of train travel — a fun fact to break out the next time your Monopoly game gets too heated.