Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

Move over, Justin Bieber, there’s a new social media ruler in town!

Over the weekend, Katy Perry—who graces this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly—pulled ahead of Bieber in both Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Surpassing Bieber officially makes the “Roar” singer the most popular social media personality.

The pop star now has 46.55 million followers on Twitter and 59.27 million likes on Facebook. In comparison, Bieber currently has 46.52 million followers on Twitter and 57.28 million likes on Facebook.

So what’s her secret to social media success? In addition to her revealing and intimate profile in EW, Perry also sat down with USA Today to talk about her personal social media strategy, joking that she has “horrible typos” and uses “’there’ or ‘your’ wrong grammatically.”

“I feel like I’ve learned how to tame that social media dragon,” Perry told USA Today.

But while you might see Perry making the all-too-frequent grammatical error, you’ll rarely catch the pop singer trying to debunk any rumors currently being spread about her. Perry says using social media to control the rumor mill is the one thing celebrities should refrain from doing.

“I see a lot of celebrities send out messages like that online and I think, ‘Sweetheart, nobody knows about this so-called issue because we don’t have you on Google Alert. You’re just throwing another log on the fire.’ I do it only in extreme cases if someone is jeopardizing my character,” said Perry.