Galliano Puppet Show
Credit: screen grab

This form of imitation is the furthest thing from flattery…

John Galliano used to call the shots as head designer for Dior, but now someone else is pulling the strings. Galliano has officially been immortalized in the form of a puppet and theatre piece.

The disgraced designer–who found himself in hot water (and out of a job) after infamously making anti-semitic comments during one drunken (and video taped) evening in 2011–can thank Parisian magazine Vestoj for his pint-sized carbon copy.

The puppet appears in a twenty minute, six act play that is based on an interview Galliano did last year with American talk show host Charlie Rose. Artist Etienne Bideau-Rey dressed the puppet in a look inspired by an ensemble Galliano wore to his 2007 “Madame Butterfly” Dior show.

“Both Galliano and Rose appeared to be acting out some very clearly defined roles, with very little scope for improvisation,” Vestoj editor in chief Anja Aronowsky Cronberg told WWD of the theatre piece’s inspiration, while adding that its subtext explores “the power of the media and about the fact that the story we are being told is seldom the actual story of importance.”

Galliano’s puppet will next perform on December 10th in Paris and on February 4th at the London College of Fashion. In the meantime, watch a preview of the play after the jump.